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This seems more and more silly. They are getting further away from the queue in online streaming, so why keep focus on it? Improve the search, since that is where they want to go, and should be going.


still have my profiles

SM in SF

Still have my 2 separate profiles. However, the last 1.5 weeks, the secondary profile is alot less functional. Can only login half the time, access the queue even less than half, and all other features (new releases, genre pull downs) don't work.


Each individual will have their own personal account which will include streaming to multiple devices, but only one at a time (perhaps two as a hedge against stream failures). This account will have its own preferences, ratings, suggestions, social network integration etc. It may have an instant queue, for now, but that will eventually go away. The account might have a disc queue and one or more discs out associated with it, as well.

Multiple personal accounts may be bundled into one household account for administrative and billing purposes.

This is the model I think they are (and should be) heading towards. Of course, they have access to a ton of market and trial data that I do not and changes in the overall market might mean they end up in a totally different place.


I suspect this is a change to make individual profiles within a household account work exactly like the main profile minus certain administrative privileges. I would hope that they don't charge a tiny fee per profile. But it is a natural progression that streaming be added to individual profiles and not just be on the main profile.

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