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Matt Lafferty

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! (I am, of course, thanking you for the new spam policy... don't want to get in trouble right out of the gate.! ;-)




There is a new type of spam that's harder to find. I've gotten it on my posts and it's one of those things you just have to keep an eye one.

They take phrases of your post and include them in the comments to make it look like it's on topic. Grammatically, they make no sense, but to a spam detection engine, it passes.

Just as a heads-up.


Instead of posting this you should just say that only people who agree with you and Netflix CEO's are allowed to post on this site. All contridicting post will be deleted. I thought we lived in America? I thought the name of the blog was Hacking Netfliks as in decoding, understanding. You should just change the name to Pro Netflix or something.


Julie is obviously JOLLY....hahaha...dude settle down. We don't care as much as you do!


"I thought we lived in America?"


I love that 'defense'.


Julie: No one said that ON TOPIC Netflix critical rants were banned, just ranting OFF TOPIC.

For example, on the recent post about Netflix Removing API Access for developers, several people were critical of the fact that NFLX seems to always use the "it wasn't used" excuse to take away features. No one moderated that.

On the other hand, a user "Wendy" posted this unrelated and derailing comment.

"CEO Selling 5,000 Shares A Week Is Diluting Stock.
Every week he sells at least 5,000. shares and reaps a minimum of 1 Million Dollars.

This dilutes the stock for shareholders which will affect earnings.

If you figure he is making 1 Million a month that is 26 Million a year on top of his salary. Plus, it dilutes existing shareholders and will affect earnings. "

I don't know if her allegations are true or not, but either way they are completely unrelated to the topic at hand and work to derail discussion completely.


Good policy change. It's sad, but I think it comes to every web site sooner or later. There are children out there who think it's funny or clever to post things that annoy people just to get attention, and eventually adults have to step in a put a stop to it to keep the comment areas from becoming useless.


now we can argue about the topics we expect to argue about when we are commenting on a story. the way ti should be. Thanks!


Sounds like Reed Hastings and the boys didn't like the things being posted and flexed their muscle. HA!


Thank you! Sure, we were just as bad when it came to posting off topic rebuttals to the spam being posted...this will help get things back on track.

Jolly et al will still post. Indulging them in flame wars only make them more eager to fight and post more off-topic stuff. If the critical comments to a post are relevant, then I agree that it can help to engage in a healthy debate. So again, thank you for the change!


Netflix has only asked me to stop one story in the past 7 years (the location of Netflix shipping centers), so Netflix wasn't involved. I've been getting a lot of complaints about some posters, so I made the change.

If you have a story idea, don't post the same off-topic rant to several non-related stories. Send it to me as a story idea.

Wendy, for example, was cross-posting the same comment to different un-related stories. If she had done some research, she would have found that Hastings has been selling NFLX on a scheduled plan for years, when the stock was up or down. He's heavily invested in NFLX (obviously), so this is a good way to diversify his portfolio (I asked him about this in an interview).

If you keep to the topic at hand you can still post negative comments about Netflix -- I've never deleted those. You can even post negative comments about me, but leave out my mother (in other word, keep it civil, please).

When you think about the change, it's not that big of a difference. It should make the site a bit more friendly to the people that participate in the discussion.

The only comments I've been actively deleting in the past are "Cheap Sneakers" and "Viagra" spam comments, not anyone with an opinion about Netflix.

- Mike / HackingNetflix


what's the deal with airline food? netflix should start selling books as well as movies.


@Mike - So by pointing out the real issues surrounding Netflix like Reed Hastings deceiving investors by not announcing Debra Crawford Quit. The same girl who signed her name to the 8K. This somehow offends people because we're not talking about fluff like Star Trek. Or by pointing out that Congress voted down Net Nuetrality instead of talking about movie reviewers. I thought this was called Hacking Netflix not stroking Netflix?

[Jolly - if you have a news topic send me an email. - Mike]


@Mike - Also you obviously have been around this company long enough to know that the numbers on this don't add up. There are real people with real families that are going to be hurt by this company. It is no different than any of the other Wallstreet scams that everyone has turned a blind eye to in the past.


Jolly=spam. Please notice on the post above mine he's doing it again (posting off topic). Thanks for the new policy.


Jolly...I have an idea...create your own netflix blog to get the word out and stop piggy backing off the success of this blog. Do your own hard work.


Thanks Mike!

Makes complete sense though I'm guessing 'jolly' won't be able to help himself as evidenced by his 'arguments' above.


"Johm"? Nice, typing my own name wrong. Brilliant.


I like this nice fellow named "Johm"..much nicer than John! : )


Jolly--"Star Trek" is fluff? I am deeply, deeply offended. Not to mention hurt.


I think maybe a forum would help, as it would allow for discussions so that people will only comment when it actually pertains to the subject, if they just want to talk NF then the forum would be an alternative.


Good move. It was sickening to see people using the comments sections as their own personal soap box. You want to discuss finance, go post over at The Motley Fool or something.



Good move it was sickening to see people use this as a blog to discuss Netflix and the issues surrounding it!!


Jolly/Julie/Wendy, the argument that this action will somehow make you not be able to discuss the issues that you'd like to on this site just doesn't hold water. The fact of the matter is that you (and others) were spamming discussions in a manner that wasn't unlike somebody peddling a product. Your comments were irrelevant to the actual topics of discussion far more often than not. Whether or not they were factual is irrelevant.

Given the new policy, you will still have plenty of opportunities to make the posts identical to those which you were spamming discussions completely unrelated to them with, except with the benefit of them actually being topical. Heck, people might even engage you in actual discussion over your concerns, which should make you happy assuming that your feelings reflect a genuine concern. There is no shortage of discussion of posts made on HN that discuss Netflix financials and the like (earnings calls, etc.).

The notion that anybody's ability to legitimately discuss such issues on this site is being hampered just doesn't pass the sniff test.
My guess is that your intentions aren't fully genuine and that we'll not be hearing from you again.

Best of luck.


I also applaud this new policy.


I'm surprised you've held off this long. I *do* sympathize with the "Once I start, where do I stop?" sentiment, and I applaud your conviction, but at the same time you need to look at what's best for the whole (community).

Beyond the obvious spammers, you have trolls, whose only purpose here is to disrupt legitimate conversation. Some comments in this post are proof of that, sadly.

On the other hand, you/your blog/your community has some very thoughtful and active members, who bring a lot to the conversation. It would be a shame to see their voices drown out by the trolls/spammers.

Fight the good fight.


There is a coordinated pre-earnings push by folks looking to manipulate the stock down.

Take a look at SeekingAlpha and see how one poster Rocco has made several negative posts in one week that purposefully hide relevant data while supporting his short position.

Now the same is happening here.


@ Woot

The same isn't happening here anymore, unless it's relevant to the post being discussed.

Jolly/Julie/Wendy's been shut down.

It's beautiful.

Bravo, Mike.


I too applaud the new policy. Thanks Mike!


** I've deleted this personal attack. - Mike

As part of the new policy, I've blocked the IP address for Joahua, Joan and Wendy, which are suspiciously from the same IP.

What's funny is that if they had sent me a link to the departure of Deborah Crawford, I would have posted a story (I missed her departure), but instead decided to wage war in the comments.


Wow, Joahua/Wendy/Julie/Jolly, you sure are getting testy. Personal attacks like that are uncalled for. Reporting...


"Jolly...I have an idea...create your own netflix blog to get the word out and stop piggy backing off the success of this blog. Do your own hard work.

Posted by: things | April 11, 2011 at 10:57 AM"

Word. Up.

Dude, if you don't like what is discussed and how, do your own thing with your own rules in effect.

Now, imagine if you did that, and your blog started to draw a crowd, and I came and kept posting on every thread over and over that I wanted to petition NF to carry some new Strawberry Shortcake limited edition collection on blu-ray. Wouldn't that kinda annoy you?

End of line.


...and to think, as Mike said, there would have been a dedicated story on the departure on which the person could have made posts about the story that were actually relevant.

I can't tell you how refreshing it is to be able to read the AT&T cap discussion without fearing a spam attack.


The CoffeeMan

Aww... and here I was finding it funny, watching jolly make an idiot out of himself by thinking he's going to make a stock difference by posting on these forums and getting shut down repeatedly :D oh well, there are other forms (forums) of amusement :P


No one is telling you that you can't express your views, they are just telling you that your comments are not appropriate here. You make posts that are unrelated to the topic and you post them OVER and OVER again. It's getting rather annoying. You can't tell me you didn't see this coming.


As a blogger, I can tell you that it really helps to cut down on spam by setting your blog to automatically close comments on posts older than 30 days. I mean really, how many relevant comments do you get on posts older than that vs spam comments?


There is some debate on whether rel="nofollow" negates the benefits of spam completely.

There's no question it condones spam, but some believe you can still benefit from it - perhaps indirectly (for example, some say Google's spider will still follow nofollow links, they just won't give PageRank).

Then you have bots that automatically comment - they don't check if the blog is nofollow or not.

People will try anything - even if the reward is low - especially if they can automate it.


Thank you sir!

I think this new policy is entirely appropriate and will keep the blog much more accessible to new and established readers.


I wonder if Jolly/Julie/Wendy was that manuel guy from couple of years ago who complained about everything

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