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I haven't any any problems going on Netflix on the PS3. Selecting the app from the XMB never prompts me to log in to my PSN account.


This was working for me previously; however, as of earlier today, I cannot find a single way of getting it to work. Sure, I can get to my queue and list of movies by using the cancel method, but as soon as I attempt to start watching a movie, as it is buffering, I get yet another prompt to login to PSN and if cancelled twice, a prompt comes up stating "There was a problem communicating with the PlayStation Network. Please try again later." And I am taken back to the interface. I really wish Netflix would upload a fix to the app since PSN is essentially down indefinitely and there is no telling when it will be back up and therefore Netflix on PS3 (at least for some of us) is completely disabled.

Chris M.

I get the PSN is currently undergoing maintenance message when logging in but what's working for me is to choose the Netflix Icon in the Video section and log in as normal. It will give the message. Push the circle-Back button but don't exit. The Netflix interface should start loading and just wait. It may ask you to log in again and give you the error again when you try. Push circle-Back button like last time and it should load the Netflix app with suggestions and your queue. Choose an item to play and it should play. It has for me every time so far. Sometimes I have to push the circle/back button after loggin in the second time and sometimes I don't. Either way I end up with access to my queue everytime.


Chiming in that the "trick" mentioned here actually will work. Just keep trying to sign in to PSN until the queue loads in the background. Then you're good to go!


Yeah, that trick works. I've been doing this the past few days since PSN went down and it's worked every time.


Yeah I get The same this "THERE WAS A PROBLEM COMMUNICATING WITH THE PLAYSTATION NETWORK. PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER" Its so frustrating cause I just want to watch a movie.


Unfortunately, the same trick doesn't work for Hulu Plus. I was seriously annoyed that Hulu Plus required the creation of a PSN account, and this outage is exactly why....


Yup I'm having no issues and have been doing this since before this outage. Anytime the psn is down for maintenance it's what I do. Besides it only connects to provide usage statistics and set your psn profile to say Netflix. Love my Netflix.


Ijust feel like selling my ps3 for an xbox, this sukks !!!!


We can't do anything at all with our PS3 system, not even use the DVD player or play non-network games we have on our system because the login screen always pops up and only gives us two useless choices... try to log in which fails and brings us back to the login screen or cancel which also just reloads the login screen.

So no Hulu, Netfix, Voodu, DVD's, or games for us... even though nothing we want to do should involve the PS3 network at all. Oh well, time to read a book or go out into the rain.


I don't have any issues accessing it. It trys to login to PSN, fails a few times, then gets me in anyway.


Guys, that system doesn't work for me, but I found another way:
just go onto the ps3 internet browser and go on netflix the website, that works for me. Punch in your password and there it is.


That's very shocking to hear. I can't see why the dvd drive won't play a dvd. I watched dvds during this outage without a problem.


Heh..P$3 [email protected] XBox360 FTW ;-)


The trick doesn't work for me, Qriocity and Music Unlimited are also down.

Ben L


There is no reason why you shouldn't able to do offline things even if PSN is down. Just set your PS3 so it doesn't try to log you in automatically when you boot it up.

And even if it does, you should be able to cancel. If for some reason it doesn't try disabling the auto-login.

bob barker

I wonder what external intrustion means exactly. Did "anonymous" hack into their system again?

James Baker

Works for me thank god. So pissed I can't play my online games. Never thought I would say this but should've bought a xbox 360 instead. Stupid Hackers.


I get past the PSN login failure, but playing streaming Netflix movies get stuck one third of the way through the download progress indicator.


Same problem with the method described as Chris M above. Getting to the queue is not a problem, but once clicking play, the streaming is blocked by another prompt to login to the network. No way around this issue that I have found.


Works fine for me been watching netflix since the outage began,


I just watched the movie SALT Last night. I have no problems with streaming movies.


I have had success doing this for the past few days. Just try to log in (which will fail) the message about maintenance will come up so select back (or circle). Then try to log in again. (fail) select back. I have to do it 3 or so but eventually it will just leave you in the Netflix app.


It worked...Thank you so much

steve kaplan


 PSN ID = ColdSteelHurts

Hmmmm, just a hyperthetical thought people, but what if "the hacker/s" was/were for example a big "rival company" & not "anonymous" who clearly state it's not them?
It's not hard for a disgruntled employee to be bribed either & business espionage is, contrary to popular belief, rife.
The "intrusion" may even be radiation causing damage to their system (again hyperthetical). Give the guys a break,& don't desert them just because we have no PSN ;)
I can't even login to the UK PSN FORUM unlike many others which tbh I find even more annoying than no online gaming.
I'm as pi$$ed off as anyone, having only just last Monday got my internet connection back after 3 weeks through no fault of my own doing, only to find I'd lost PSN on Thursday morning.
Best thing to do is be patient, after all who on here has seen 1st hand the devistation in Japan. Or is your memory that short?
Yeah exactly the earthquake may have caused unseen damage too & Sony may have been forced to give misinformation as instructed by their govenment (OMG another conspiresy therorist).
No just an old man whos seen stuff, keeps his eyes wide open, belives nothing & no one. Remember Japan said the nuclear plant was safe only when satelites picked up excessive radiation did they admit a problem.
UK said only creating "a no fly zone" in Tunisia, & yet we're thinking of sending in ground troops now (cos Gaddaffi won't give us the oil if he stays in power).
So chill out & go with the flow & 6 weeks from now all will be forgotten, just like the 29/2/10 bug has been.
Just delete auto login & you'll be fine


"Guys, that system doesn't work for me, but I found another way:
just go onto the ps3 internet browser and go on netflix the website, that works for me. Punch in your password and there it is."

Sure you can browse the site, but you cannot play titles in the ps3 browser.


"This was working for me previously; however, as of earlier today, I cannot find a single way of getting it to work. Sure, I can get to my queue and list of movies by using the cancel method, but as soon as I attempt to start watching a movie, as it is buffering, I get yet another prompt to login to PSN and if cancelled twice, a prompt comes up stating "There was a problem communicating with the PlayStation Network. Please try again later." And I am taken back to the interface."

Same here.

Chris M.

I think you have to attempt the second log in before it will work. I tried just waiting after the first attempt and the queue page came up but when I cancelled I got a You must be logged into PSN to access Netflix message. I tried logging in again and then canceled when it failed and it was in as normal. The second log in attempt seems to be a must for it to work. Been watching The Man Who Would Be Polka King for a half hour now with no problems and watched mutiple episodes of The Larry Sanders Show last night. Also I do not have my PS3 set to auto log in

Chris M.

Also curious as to who has the fat or the slim model that has this workaround working or not working for them. I have a fat and it still works for me. Watching on my PS3 as I type this.


Netflix is broke :( I cant use any of the methods.. I tried the Internet bit when I Pull up the netflix page there's nothing on it just red. Super sad guys.


Netflix is NOT working for me. When I hit circle for the message about maintenance, the Netflix app starts loading, then it just takes me to a screen where it says "We're unable to connect you to Netflix. Please try again" over and over again no matter how many times you try.


Those that feel you should have purchased a 360 instead are being just a bit too hasty. The solution is to own both! The PS3 still plays bluray, has free online gaming, free wifi built in, etc. The 360, while a formidable opponent, will never hold up against the PS3 at the end of the proverbial day. Nor will it ever play bluray, and I doubt free online gaming is anywhere on Microsoft's "things to do: list. However, having both, does allow me to continue playing online (as long as I keep paying that yearly (and recently increased fee.)) But it's only once a year so I suck it up...it's not like I wouldn't blow 70 bucks on something else far more ridiculous anyway. At the same time, the 360 affords me far more control over regular DVD or movie watching - even Netflix streaming, for example if I decide I want to stretch the picture so I don't have to see the black bars that show in a lot of the older shows and/or not in HD, etc. (These are available with the click of a button - not after navigating a mountain of menus that will poorly alter other movies until you change it back.) They both have positive and negative qualities...but the PS3 still wins the race even if you only count the bluray player. I have been using that netflix "hack" (for lack of a better term since it is not even remotely a hack to exit a screen) every time the PS3 had trouble logging in; but in cases where I needed to be logged into the PS3 to reach "X" location for movies or something and their network is unavailable I just switch to the 360 and viola! I'm back in business. Not to mention I didn't have to repurchase all the 360 games already in my library just because I also have a PS3. But I can honestly say I haven't purchased anything but PS3 games since I got it, nearly a year ago now...

(Actually, I have 2 of each for these occasions: a PS3 and 360 in the living room and a PS3 and 360 in my bedroom. Sure it's a lot up front to go that route, but I purchased them over the course of a couple months...I didn't go drop a thousand + dollars in one day. But, now my movie watching and/or gaming never affects or hinders my son's ability to game or stream, etc nor does his affect mine. And it puts a bluray player in each room. Sure there are cheaper bluray players than a nearly $400 PS3...but not with all the bells and whistles that come STANDARD!!)

I apologize for the very long segue of topics...just my 2 cents.


Works like a charm, thanks. :)
I've noticed since before this problem when viewing instant queue on PS3 there would be a message about signing out of PS Network but it would still play okay.


unlucky me..tried all the options listed above..still no luck..
tries 6 or 8 times going back/sign in etc..i am at the netflix interface, can select the movie etc and then when i select to play, it starts downloading..see the loading bar..then, asks for login userid/password..there it fails..any other tip?


Just dont hit cancel when PSN login shows up. Keep clicking "Sing in" with the "X' button, you will be fine. Cant believe people cant figure this out themselves.

ReCaptcha already


This has worked for me last night and this morning once I tried it. Just keep trying to log in, generally I only have to attempt it twice and by the time the second attempt has finished my queue/suggestions have loaded and it quits prompting. Just don't exit the app and everything should be ok.


Wow! worked for me Thanx!


The PSN outage has been annoying me for the past week and a half or so... I still don't understand why PSN has to be a dependency for NetFlix / Hulu+ anyway... GRRR.... (and people wonder why I prefer the my 5watt Roku player to my 120watt PS3 for Netflix / Hulu / etc - oh wait... Only the Roku has the etc....)


This worked for the first 4 days of the outage. Today, when I click on Netflix, I get a brand new error message that says "PlayStationNetwork sign up is required for the use of Netflix. Please exit by pressing the PS button and sign up for PlayStationNetwork then try again." Pushing the circle doesn't work; you are forced to exit Netflix. And of course, there's no way to log on to the PSN....

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