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Isn't it useless when you need to do a search?


It is very useful when the XBox price will decrease then so many people can get gain through this technology.


As long as I have to pay an Extra 50 bucks a year to access Netflix I will never recommend Xbox for anything!

My kid is getting over his fascination with Online gaming at which time I will get over the fact that of all the devices I have Netflix on Xbox is the best. I don't get why i should pay 50 bucks to access Microsofts online Market Places.


@mrmanmac: Your complaint is unrelated to the post. I deem your post a failure.

I just tried it last night when you are searching for something to watch in your instant queue it can be pretty useless. However, I have noticed that it seems to put the last TV series you watched in the first slot of the "recommended for you" section that is voice controlled. This is nice for starting the next episode without your controller.

Also, the play/pause/stop voice functions that have been so nice with Zune are now available for any show you start (whether you use the controller to start it or not). Overall, good for now and will hopefully improve with time.

Bob E.

I think all posts regarding NF on Xbox should mention the $50 YEARLY requirement. I'm sure there are parents buying the $200 Xbox360 for their kids and the kids may want to watch NF but they don't need online gaming. It's relevant since the PS3 and Wii don't have any additional payment to watch NF.


We've tried to talk to netflix every day since we got the kinect ( on release day, btw), so we were overjoyed when it actually worked. The features as they stand would have been ok as a first rev if it had been available at launch, but after the misleading kinect ads at launch and a 5 month wait, I expected more.

Search isn't really feasible, but I've got a hundred items in my queue, including several shows we watch regularly, and these didn't show up in suggestions. Instead, we got seemingly random items nobody in the house had any interest in watching. Sure, the first item was the last T.V. show we watched, but it wasn't targetted at the right episode, and there was no way to change episodes.

Why aren't we able to access our queues, in addition to the suggestions? It's not like it's harder to scroll up and down than the existing side to side option...

Finaly, the major problem that has plagued all aspects of the kinect navigation functionality: inconsistant ability to use it. After we got the episode issue straightened out and watched a few episodes, our connection slowed. A menu popped up to warn us of this. We were unable to use voice controls to handle the menu, we had to either dig up a controller or sit up and use the gesture controls. This is endemic to the entire system. You'll start something with voice only to find yourself in a window that requires a controller. That's just stupid u.i.

The reason we got the kinect was to voice control netflix, so we didn't have to boot up the controller or carry it with us around the house. (i.e. feeding the baby, or cooking, or some other hand occupying project.) Until it's usable for that purpose, the kinect is a waste of money.


Its $50 bucks a year for Xbox Live Gold and its a steal. So much better than the online experience on the Wii or PSN. Light years ahead.


if you are paying $50 or more a year for xbox live then you don't deserve to have an xbox. do a little research people. you can get the 12 month cards ALL THE TIME for under that. just look at these search results....


if you bought a kinect for voice controlling netflix i can safely say that's the dumbest purchase anyone has ever made


Get real

dave h


Only a limited list of items can be controlled via Kinect. come back to me when the whole interface works that way


Who cares about kinect support for netflix?? Where is the 5.1 sound and 1080p streaming for netflix on 360??


I've used the Kinect navigation in other apps and it's nothing more than a cheap gimmick. You will try it once and then never use it again.


I'm somewhat disappointed by the new feature. I was able to use my voice to play/pause/fast-forward etc., but when the movie I was watching was over I wasn't able to back out of movie details screen without having to reach for the remote control.

Another issue I noticed was that I can't start a movie by voice without hand gestures interfering.

Last night, I voice activated a show and promptly started shoveling a delicious bowl of apple pie a la mode into my face. When I came up for air, as I am sometimes wont to do, I noticed that Kinect was registering my gluttonous spoon-shoveling as actual hand gestures and the little hand cursor was time-jogging to the next scene in the show. I didn't even know there was a time-jogging gesture available until this happened.

Hopefully future updates will resolve this issue as stuffing my face in front of the telly is important to me. :)


Like the video states, you only get to choose from about 11 suggestions. Go to browse all and you need to use the controller to find what you want in your instant queue or search. After that, I still find the controller just as easy to pause if I need to. I don't see myself using the kinect for netflix at this point.

The Coffeeman

What's this about an exclusive list? I've had the "Suggestions for You" list on my PS3 for ages.


Let me get this straight..... Some of you bought a Kinect specifically for the voice and motion control of Netflix??

I am semi guilty of the same..... I bought the Xbox because it was the only game system that had Netflix at the time. Believe me, I would have bought something else if I had known about the extra $50 bucks. (No, I did not see or read the fine print about Gold Membership being required). Seems Microsoft lured you with false (or exagerated) advertising as well.

Marty McFly

If you're paying more than $35 a year for Xbox Live than you fail at using the internet. Amazon and many many other sites ALWAYS have 12 month cards deeply discounted.

Having said that, couldn't care less about Kinect. The fact that after 8 months or whatever there's still little more than the awful launch titles available is a joke. I'm VERY glad I decided to skip getting one.

If you did.. I guess at least you'll get some use out of it now that you can browse Netflix with it I guess.

Yssup Tae

would rather use a controller. all the usefulness of this is negated by the frustration associated with it.


im a fan of the voice Pause, FF, RW and Play when the movie is actually playing... But as for the gesture controls menu... Horrible... I would be embarrassed to put out that iteration to non-beta testers as a full release...

But the voice controls... kudos... i likes


My 360 Elite died so I was able to upgrade to the Kinect Bundle for $11. The Kinect will be nice to have when and if MS have some serious titles developed for it. In the meantime, I miss the old Elite Box. I preferred the form factor and matte finish. BTW, Once the PS3 got Netflix streaming I never went back to the XBox. The qaulity of the Netflix streams on the PS3 is markedly better. However, I'll download the update on the 360 tonight and try it out.

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