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We got $60....had no idea we had bought that many Amazon videos.


Yes but how how will they proceed in the future?

Will they give notice or ask if we want to allow the movie to degrade without stopping or if we would rather it pause to buffer HD?


I got that e-mail too. But and this is a BIG BUT, I have never rented or purchased any video off Amazon On-Demand. Go figure!


@ Brian...I just bought Walking Dead this morning to see how this would work and it basically explains that you may not get HD due to buffering etc...and "click here" stating that you under the the issue so thats how its done.


I've been having problems with Amazon HD streaming and thought it was due to something with the Roku/Amazon interface. It looks to me like Amazon has recognized they have some serious technical problem on their end and are hoping to avoid a class-action lawsuit. The fact that they're crediting the cost for every HD rental you've ever done seems a clear admission that they know they have a problem w/ HD streaming on their end.

As mentioned above, lets hope the problem gets fixed.


@ John...since you didn't buy anything did it give you a dollar amount?

P Dub

I got the email too, and credit. But I must admit, I never noticed any problems. Never interruptions or drops in quality. But I'll take the credit!

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