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I had to reactivate my Wii last night. Played an ep of my show and suddenly got a deactivation notice. Didn't have any problems activating tho.


I just checked my Roku and it worked fine for me.

Jose Perez

I had to reactivate my Wii last night too, and then I only got to see one episode of a show because it wouldn't load anything else. Haven't checked back yet tonight.


i had a problem with my old samsung blu-ray player a while back. i would have to activate it every time i wanted to use it. netflix said it was a known issue with the samsung player and pretty much out of their hands. eventually it stopped happening, although not due to any firmware upgrade.

Kenny Johnson

Why was my comment deleted?

[I didn't delete any comments. Not sure what happened. - Mike]


I had to re-enter code on my roku this morning but worked fine after that.


My Xbox asked me to activate yesterday, and I just turned it on again today and it asked me again.


I had to reactivate my roku this afternoon (Sunday).


I had the problem repeatedly last night with my roku .Wouldnt accept my new codes & phone support was a prerecorded message "we are busy, call later".

Also couldnt get crackle to work.

Could use inmoo last night.

Tonight, it let me log on again and Im good to go.


No problems with Apple TV!


I just had to reactivate my xbox. Yesterday my queue was completely reorganized, twice, not just moving shows to end but movies everything got all scrambled. And if I ad anything new to queue instead of going to the end it keep inserting everything at 85 or 86.


My PS3 is still not working/connecting. Glad I ignored my wife's suggestion to ditch the Roku box.


No trouble at all activating Netflix on a Panasonic Blu-ray Player tonight. I have upteen devices and only 6 activations, so I find myself deactivating one device and activating another frequently. My experience is sometimes it takes a try or two somewhere in the process, but eventually the device does get activated.

BTW, re-activating the two PS3s I have - required with the latest PS3 "secure" (sarcasm intended) firmware - was a pain in the butt. And I never had any problem with Netflix when the Playstation Network was down! I do still believe the PS3 is the best interface however.

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