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I've moved my TV shows to the top no less than three times now. As of this morning, they have found their way back to the bottom again.


i liked keeping my TV shows at the top, but gave up on the battle a while ago. its been happening since they combined seasons

Cubic Z

I've had similar issues and gave up trying to manually organize my (300 title) instant queue. I now use a chrome extension called Netflix Queue Sorter to one click resort in various ways.


My favorite thing is how I've suddenly rated every season of every show I've watched - including the ones that haven't even debuted on TV yet.

Great idea combining them.


Something they are doing is probably dropping availability of the shows momentarily. This would drop the shows to the bottom of your queue.

So whether a show becomes unavailable for 6 months or 6 seconds it will drop to the bottom.

Dude Some

I only noticed this yesterday. I also noticed they have a weird definition of episodes. Example: season 8 episode 11 is listed as episode number 41!

A few weeks ago I moved Hawaii Five 0 to the top and then I could not find it in my queue. So, I acted like I was adding it then was able to get it to the top. I also noticed instant watch does not let me know where I left off so I had to go back to the PC and view my history to see which ep was the last viewed.

Max Baily

I believe that Netflix droping the TV shows to the bottom of the queue is there way to help organize the queue. It's get for me since I mainly stream on Roku and the beginning and end of my queue is right next to each other.

"Dude Some", you can see where left off, by selecting view other episodes and you will see a little bar under each episode showing how much you have watched.


Every time I arrange my queue how I want it it changes back. Now that I think about it, I guess it is the TV shows that are being moved.


I would love to be able to sort the Instant Queue in various ways to help me find titles I have added. By Genre would be awesome. I would prefer to be able to do it within Netflix itself vs. a third party developer. I already subscribed to Feedfliks thinking it would sort the queue, but unfortunately it only sorts it within the application, not the actual queue.

I have tried to organize it manually a few times but, it has gotten sooooo big, it is out of control and I find myself taking forever to make up my mind what I want to watch. I usually know what i am in the mood for ie.. documentary, TV, movie etc...

Summer Stuckey

Yes we're having that problem and it's driving me crazy because I want to keep my kids shows & movies at the top of the queue so she's not scrolling through all our inappropriate stuff to find hers.


My queue has been shuffling for awhile. If they continue to stick shows at the bottom, I can live with that.

Regardless, I hate having to hit the down button 40 times to find the next show I need to watch. They need to have the episode listing in the Netflix for MC highlight the show you last watch so you need only hit down once.


It's funny you chose Twilight Zone as your example page. It was originally released as 43 discs of out of order episodes (not season 1, disc 1, etc). I've watched the first 30 discs, but out of 31-43, four discs are now unavailable. Now Netflix has it for streaming, but they've organized it by season and release date (arguably the better idea). But they only have seasons 1,2,3, and 5, not 4. So last night I literally spent about half an hour making a Google Docs spreadsheet trying to cross-reference the old disc listing to the new season listing to figure out what I could watch on streaming and skip getting the disc for (short answer: of the 13 discs I haven't seen, 11 of them have at least one episode from season 4, which isn't available for streaming. This includes 1 episode from all 4 discs that are unavailable for shipment, so I can only watch 152/156 total episodes through Netflix... so close and yet so far away.)


Futurama just loves sitting at the bottom of my que.

Viewing on tivo makes it a pain to get to.

Kevin Saunders

I've regularly seen my shows moved to the bottom of my queue, but what bothers me more is that after the seasons were collapsed into one show, I can only look at 100 episodes at a time, with seemingly random episodes left out of the lineup.


I posted this before but what works well for me in my Chrome Browser is Greasemonkey's Netflix Queue Sorter. You can do all kinds of sorts. I have been having to sort it daily due to Netflix shifting around the instant queue. I do it by Title (Alpha order) but you can also do it by TV/Movie (alpha order) too.

The Link is below for those who are interested in using it for themselves within Netflix Instant Queue:



Yes, just like Kevin up there my shows drop randomly to the bottom of my queue and shows like South Park that have 100+ episodes just list 100 random episodes. This is a massive decline in quality of service for me.


I had the same problem when I used third party iPhone apps to manage my Queue. Many of them are broken. If you try to move your instant queue they just give you a error message. One of them iQueue won't even let you move items into your instant queue but even if you just run it once it will mess up your instant queue and move many shows to the bottom.

I deleted all of these apps except the official Neflix app and just move items in my instant queue right on Neflix.com and so far it has been over a month and none of my items moved.

iPhone and Android users I would not bother with third party Neflix apps and those will reorder your queue.


Yes, the multi-season TV shows keep on dropping to the end of the Instant Queue for me, and using the Netflix web site to add movies add them just before the TV shows.

Fortunately, on the Roku it is quick to wrap from the beginning of the queue to the end just by going "left" past the beginning of the queue, and at the moment I have only 5 or so multi-season TV shows in my Instant Queue.


I too think it's funny that TZ is used as the illustration. I have searched for TZ over the years, hoping they'd get the season sets, which they never did.. and upon hearing about streaming, was hoping they'd get the hour long episodes, most of which I'd never seen ("it's new to you").. But they don't have S4.

I guess I hope it comes up as an Amazon deal again sometime, and I'll have to bite the bullet & buy them, even though I'm likely to not watch them multiple times.

Account Deleted

Here's the deal, after much testing it is caused by accessing the account or queue with some 3rd party apps. For example, netQ android app is what causes it fire me. They remain in place if I don't open that app.


re: Account Deleted Sorry, but you are wrong. It's nothing to do with third party aps. I have all those deleted. It's simply the TV shows want to be at the end. For example Young Indiana will be last and Numbers second from last no matter what else is added. That is except when Netflix tries to "fix" it (which they've done twice) in which case the shows will be alphabetized at the end and the movies alphabetized at the beginning.

re: Lynne the queue sorters are nice and firefox has one also. Alas Netflix will just unsort them for you in about five hours. That seems to be average time for me anyhow.

Luckily we got this posted in this forum and in the Roku forums. Now they finally admit to the problem and have someone working on it in their main office. That's what I was told anyway. It's been going on for months but apparently no one at Netflix has an account themselves because they didn't notice. I even had one phone rep tell me that once you watch something it deletes from your queue and is moved to the recent history. I didn't have the heart to tell her that it's Hulu that does that not Netflix. How embarrassing for her.

Account Deleted

Perhaps it is not everyone then. Because I have repeatedly confirmed that the netQ app on android is causing the shows to reposition to the bottom of the queue in the position they were at prior to moving them to the top. These TV show items will remain in the new position I move them to (very near the top of the queue) as long as I don't open the netQ app.

Oddly during at least 6 or 8 support calls with netflix they have mentioned to me several other 3rd party things causing the same thing to happen. Several of those being netflix ready devices. Users queues would remain as they set them as long as they didn't use the device. The only difference being the app is the devices app instead of an app users install on their smartphone to access queues etc from netflix.

I have observed that any TV shows I already had in my queue prior to the condensing as a single listing are somehow outside of the normal queue sequence kind of like how the save section is. So any new item including TV shows will add to the slot just above those shows. At least up until today. Testing by adding a new movie to my queue it went to the very last position below all of the TV shows that ended up at the bottom of my queue.


The shows seem to shuffle when they're updated, new episodes are added, seasons are consolidated, etc.

My wife and I liked adding entire series, season by season. And when we finished a season, we'd remove it from our queue. It was a sense of accomplishment. Now, we can barely keep track of our shows.


Whatever Netflix is doing to screw up our queues needs to stop. Netflix supposedly has people here reading the posts. If that's so they must see these complaints. Why aren't they fixing the damned thing?

I'd like an answer. How about the rest of you?


If devices count as apps then perhaps it could be app related. I use a Roku and PS3. That still doesn't fully explain it though. I think the app at best just speeds the process up. I don't use ANY app when I'm asleep yet when I wake in the morning my queue is all wonky again.

Steve: we've already eliminated the season updating as the reason. It also may escalate the problem but long dead shows move around as much as new ones. We've also eliminated the consolidation since that's been done for a while now.

I think the app and the show updating are just excuses Netflix is giving to pacify us for a while personally. If an app did it then it would have done it all along and if the shows updating did it then it would be done by now.


From all of the info I have been able to gather; from various levels of support including getting transferred to some "special" tech support people and I think I even talked to someone in their developer department one time: The bottom line appears to be they are quite sure what the root cause is for sure but there are the couple things that seem to trigger it to occur. One being the netQ android app I was referring to in my previous comments. And one or more netflix ready devices. And it is definitely related to the condensing of the TV shows to single entries.

One or more netflix ready devices were one of the early suspects they were looking at since the changes to condense the series' to single entries was because of problems with netflix ready devices. Apparently they weren't able to properly handle their entries in the database or whatever technical thing holds all the titles and details of the titles.

My guess at this time is that the databases have some sort of relational/synchronizing bugs related to the TV shows new series entry vs the old per season entries. And somehow the storage of users queue information for these series entries in their queue reverts back to the previous position(s) because an app, device, or whatever makes a call/query to an API or database that is directed to the older data instead of the most current data and the queue gets rearranged. I've been watching closely to see if this has spread to anything else but so far I can't confirm if anything else has been moving unexpectedly of items I move to the top of my queue. I move TV shows and soon to expire items to the top and I keep them there for at least a week.


Well a bunch of my items moved all over the place in my instant queue. This is not just consolidated seasons but some movies too. I did not run no third party apps or anything. Super annoying. I like having my queue in the order I want but NF thinks it can reorder it the way they want.


Jason, I think they are just BSing you. Another stall tactic. It doesn't quite wash because my Roku gets the updated queue and it's the only device I'm using now. The queue re-sorts itself over night when nothing is being used.

I'm no expert however but the "cached" queue thing in itself doesn't wash.

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