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This was interesting and all - almost too much to respond to (jolly is going to have a field day here, and I'll cede the thread) - but ...

This video is roughly 200 MB and it auto-loads/auto-plays each time I visit. I think this is going to use about 10-15 GB of bandwidth over the next 10 or 12 days unless I can find a way to block it. In the era of bandwidth caps, auto-play is evil.


I agree with you GIR. Jolly is going to have a field day with this. The last 5 minutes of this is what he has been trying to force down our throats.

What I see in this is a history of all these analysts, and competitors.... especially Micheal Pachter, being absolutely wrong in their appraisal of Netflix, and underestimating Reed Hastings. I don't know why these guys think companies like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Facebook can do a better job, or offer subscribers a better experience than we are already getting from Netflix. Amazon has barely dipped its toe into streaming video, gave it away for free, and has yet to release any numbers to tell us how it is going. Facebook released ONE movie, and from what I saw it didn't gain very much interest. I love most things Apple, however I have no desire to buy, rent, or borrow any content from them at all. In the world of Apple (ITunes)... all of the content can only be played on an Apple device, and as great as their devices are... they are expensive as hell.

Google/YouTube is now the favored 800lb gorilla that is going to knock Netflix off its perch. I don't think so. I think Netflix is just too far ahead in both brand recognition, hardware integration, and subscriber loyalty.


Mike, Why do you post these auto-loading videos on your main page? First I have to see a commercial (WHY?) and then the video auto-plays no matter if I have seen it before or don't give a rats patootie about it. Please limit these to their own appropriate page IF I CHOOSE to follow its link.



How has Netflx changed viewing? The new normal is I watch a half hour program about Netflix online commercial free without paying a cent.


Sorry guys as tempting as this is I'm having real life teenage daughter issues so I have to tap out for a minute.

Rahul Gaitonde

please move the video to beyond the jump so that i doesnt autoplay


Thank gosh for Firefox and AdBlock Plus's "block" option. At least now it doesn't auto-load EVERY SINGLE TIME I COME HERE!!!


Right--this auto-play is NOT friendly to frequent visitors! BoB has it right with using AdBlock Plus "block" so we don't have to listen to it and encroach upon our caps too often.


Sorry, fixed. I was traveling all day with limited access to the web.

If I do something stupid like this again please e-mail me and I'll find a way to fix it.

- Mike


Thanks Mike.

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