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Now maybe could somebody lower the price of the movies?


Blu-ray prices are dropping fast, but only recently. We had to wait about 5 years for the price drop to start.

And I agree blu-ray movie prices are too high. Irrational as it may be I won't buy a blu-ray unless it's part of a combo pack, where I can convince myself I'm paying a marginal increase of $6 or so to get the blu-ray (besides, I like having a DVD).


Wanted to add all blu-rays should be combo-packs. There are a number of movies I'm not buying (Paprika for example) because I cannot find a combo-pack.


I'm finding I use the BluRay player less and less these days. A combination of poor new movie selections and plenty to keep me busy on streaming/live TV. This is a complete 180 from where I was at say five years ago when I almost soley watched DVD's. Heck I hardly even turn the player on to access NF since I got a new NF ready TV. Go figure.

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