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Bob E.

He had some good points, until I read "Microsoft" and "bold new ways to innovate" in the same paragraph.

I think he is selling Amazon short. In the fall, when people signup for Prime for all their holiday shopping, and spend hours on Amazon doing that shopping, I expect an uptick in cultural awareness of Amazon's video offerings. If it doesn't happen this fall though, he may be right.

Osama Hastings

Yeah his best point was his statement "“It would start an Armageddon battle [competing head-to-head with cable], and we would not emerge alive from that battle,” Hastings said. “So we are concentrating on our niche.” Realizing that cable would hand him his lunch!!


Die in a fire, fluffy.


15 megabits to the home? Where does he think we live, Europe or Asia? This is America we are talking about and speeds like that are a dream to most of us. I have been stuck at 3 for the longest time and there are no plans to upgrade our area. Cable is getting more and more bandwidth restrictive, FIOS stopped it's rollout, and DSL is dying.

Bandwidth in America stinks.



Cable here is 25 megabits or so... Maybe it depends on where you live.

Johnny Moss

>He had some good points, until I read "Microsoft" and "bold new ways to innovate" in the same paragraph.<

I agree with Bob E.

Another laugher was "They don't tend to chase companies."


Osama hastings, fluffy, jolly, Pud, jv42, Manuel - I think we all want to know (or maybe not) what happened between you and Netflix to cause your Rainman-like, relentless negativity. Did you lose a lot on the stock? Get fired from Netflix? Don't get me wrong, skepticism and criticism have their place. Just curious where you're coming from in general.


Maybe you should ask BP


Both BP and ANON work for NETFLIX but pretend like they are random fans. Just another example of the questionable morals of this company.





Nope your just a boring underling who has nothing better to do then hawk this website and defend your job.

Osama Hastings

BP is this you?

Netflix call center worker fired for stealing credit card numbers





No - I AM!!!

But no, definitely not a Netflix employee. I work in the game industry. I'm just a fan boy.

I think Jolly is a comcast employee.

Osama Hastings

If your just a fan why are you not streaming a movie from your beloved Netflix (must of watched the 10 good ones already?) instead of wasting your time commenting to everthing I have been saying??


I can't stream at work... but I can post comments here. Gotta settle for commenting on a troll's posts.

Osama Hastings

thank you I appreciate the attention draws more focus to me and what I'm saying.

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