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Bob E.

They should just come out and say "We bought Blockbuster b/c we really like the name Blockbuster and were willing to pay $260 million for the rights to that name but we have no idea what we're going to do with it."

On second thought, I guess that's what they did say.


After reading a sub-linked article to this OP link (http://gigaom.com/video/dish-echostar-tivo-patent-settlement/), it seems to me the short of it was Dish bought Blockbuster so that it could partner with TiVo (as part of the TimeWarp courtcase settlement) to promote and develop Blockbuster video service. TiVo might see this a Second Life opportunity for their company.

As for Blockbuster: The DVD Rental Company it appears that the fog of war is only getting thicker. Running storefront operations isn't something I think Dish is familar with doing so it will be interesting to see what's next.


My observation so far has been that literally every new release title in my queue now shows up under Blockbuster on-line rental as "On Order". Example for this week - Green Hornet (2011), Ward 6 (2006), and Mao's Last Dancer (2009), are all On Order. Last week's new releases (in my queue) had 4 titles as On Order. Appears Blockbuster isn't paying the studios - hence no new releases actually available, even though they show up in the Blockbuster catalog.

I find it strange nobody has commented on this recent lack of availability for new releases at Blockbuster on-line. It's quite frustrating.

Terrible Idea

@CJ: I had noticed it for more obscure titles, this is the first week that big releases are not available.


I went to my bb store they don't have Green hornet or the Dilemma this is the first time that i can't get a new blu-ray what a bummer!


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Osama Hastings

watch what they are doing not what they are saying!!!


dish network aka charlie is looking for ways to get rid of netflix.

Terrible Idea

Green Hornet shipped others still showing On Order.


My local blockbuster stores in the St. Louis area said they were supposed to get the Green Hornet in the store Friday, May 6, 2011. However, they didn't and the Dilemma movie wasn't ordered either! Many other new titles have been On Order and this is very frustrating considering I only rent new movies on Tuesdays and I am paying for their total access highest priced plan.

I put my account on Hold and e-mailed them to ask for a waiver on my next month fees. Otherwise, I am cancelling until this mess gets fixed!


Last week my Blockbuster store only got one new release GREEN HORNET at the end of the week. I have a movie pass and if this continues for two more weeks, I am cancelling the pass. I was told today that even though they have three new release posted none will actually be delivered this week. I might have to wait 28 days but at least REDBOX does deliver the new releases eventually. I guess that is better than advertising 28 days before everybody else but never actually getting them.

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