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Jon Seals

I talk with 6-8 of my Facebook friends about movies all of the time. This would be great if it works better than the last connection between the two.


I'm still not sure what was wrong with the old Facebook Connect. It showed the movie I watched, my rating, and a short blurb (if I wanted to type one). Why not just expand that, why destroy it and start all over again? Even if they're working on something new, why not leave the old one in place until it's ready?


Why did they kill their existing Friends feature. I really miss being able to see my buddies' queues and ratings. I don't want Facebook integration. I don't care what most people think. I just want to see ratings and queues of my 3-4 movie buddies who's opinions I actually respect.

Matt Jaroneski

If I want to share a movie title and my reaction on FB, I can do that all by myself. And there are some movies I watch that I do not want people to know I am watching (Like Smokey and the Bandit III) because I want them to think I have standards and good taste.


Netflix is just hopelessly inept at social networking features. They killed Friends and Profiles for the stated reason that not enough customers used the features. But how many people do they think are going to use Facebook integration? Not many more than they already had.

If Netflix only wants to keep features that are used by the majority of customers then I'm afraid this all seems rather pointless. The reality is that most people just want to watch their movies.


Bring back the old Friends features!! :(


I notice that the old "xx% similar to you" lines have returned to the review pages in the last week or so (but only sometimes). It looks like NF may be playing with the interface again, and some sort of networking features may be in the cards. I miss the ability to see my friends' queues and preferences.


I don't want Facebook links. I do want subtitles and maybe an equalizer


Ugh! I am so sick of every website in the world having a FB connection. Enough already.


I really liked both the old Friends feature and the old Facebook integration feature. Alas, at the time neither apparently merited much by way of maintenance and ongoing support, so they got crufty. I know, for example, the facebook integration app was working intermittently and at some point it can, actually, make sense to slash and burn rather than rehabilitate.

Like it or not (I have mixed feelings on this, not least of which because I've got a family member at Facebook), Facebook is becoming the Lingua Franca of social connections on the internet; I do like the idea of using that platform rather than trying to maintain multiple independent friend lists.


tweet: Matt Jaroneski is watching Smokey and the Bandit III

heh heh.


Would you want to share the movie or TV show you're watching on Facebook?

No Way. I'll stick with the private, invite only, Netflix discussion social group I participate in.


No way in hell do I want to share anything more with Mark Zuckerberg and Co. I'll skip the friends feature on Netflix if it involves Facefarce. Infact, if Netflix does get into bed with Facefarce for a friends feature, it would easily be the worst move of the company ~ ever.

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