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Every new service is a threat to Netflix. It just depends on how significant it will be. Netflix is going for quantity (reruns) over quality (disc, new releases). Eventually the streaming gets played out and Netflix customers will start to look at the other options as they multiply and wonder why they are allowing $8 a month to be sucked out of their bank account for something they aren't watching.


Anyone have a link to the Netflix for Android announcement? I'm not seeing it.


@ sacred;

I believe some threats we have seen to Netflix are more viable than others. But I also believe that Netflix, being an innovative company, has something up their sleeve that will keep them on top for a long time.


I haven't seen this. Is it an app that users rent from? I'm not seeing movies in market.


How does "pinning" a movie work? Can a movie be "pinned" for later playback on a laptop under Windows?

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