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I've just checked my records and found I haven't had a problem with lost discs, either coming or going, for well over 3 years. In fact I also haven't had an unplayable disc longer than that.

There was a time I had several discs that weren't received by myself or Netflix but nothing was done to my account,


I haven't had a problem sending them back. Put this month two in a row that Netflix sent me didn't make it, but both times their replacement did. I almost started to wonder if they were not actually sending them out. Was pretty annoying when you get one at a time and twice in a row it doesn't show up and you have to wait three days to report. I was afraid at some point if it continued that they would think I was lying about not getting them and that i was just keeping them.

Huge Loser

I've had the problem twice sending them back, but I alerted them to it and I am guessing the problem worked itself out because I never heard any more about it. Personally, I am an honest person so I have no problem stating the facts .. if I ship something and they don't get it then its on the post office not me.


Had that problem when I lived in NYC and I canceled my account. Now that I live in northern NY I haven't had any issues for over 3 years.


No, I finished watching all the "Lost" seasons over a year ago. =)


As the focus shifts more and more to streaming I would expect the mail program to suffer. Especially as the profit margins continue to shrink from already razor thin.


Netflix has razor thing profit margins? 6.4-8.3%




Your kidding me right?
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Shenanigans !!


Had one go missing on the way back last month. It was a little odd, since it was a replacement (for a mislabeled disc) and I returned both at the same time. One came back and one didn't. I couldn't even report it missing on the site, only mislabeled or scratched (presumably because is was a replacement), so I had to call them. When it rains it pours.

Joe Meyer

Contact the United States Postal Service Inspectors. If you are missing so many DVD's that you have been cancelled you are either stealing them or your letter carrier is.


Joe Meyer:

Unless Janet is giving the return mail to her letter carrier that person would not be involved with Netflix returns. A more likely scenario is that someone who is collecting the mail from the drop box she used, is stealing them when s/he is removing the mail from that box.

If Janet is taking the Netflix mailers to her post office and giving them to a clerk at the counter it's probably someone working in the back room.

I agree she should have gotten in touch with the Postal Inspectors. If they have similar complaints from people within the same area they should be able to narrow it down and maybe catch the person(s) doing the stealing.

On the other hand, as you mentioned, she might have been stealing them herself.


I've been doing Netflix from almost the beginning. (Why, oh why didn't I buy stock....oops! Sorry! Didn't mean to get off subject.)

A couple of years in I had a series of discs go missing. I was mailing from a US Post Office.....I mean what could be safer? Right? Yeah, right! I complained to the Postmaster not expecting anything but she told me I was not the only one having the problem and the inspectors were going to try some new-fangled, little computer cameras in back with the sorters.

It didn't take long for them to catch the thief. He even did a little prison time. For my part I started mailing the discs back from my office. That was about 8 years ago, and I have not had a disc go missing since.

And did I tell you about my Irish-Nigerian cousin who has $25000 he would like to give you?


Most likely it's someone at the post office, I use to lose at least two a year at my old house, since I moved I haven't lost one. Different post office and letter carriers.

Every once in a while I read in the newspaper that a USPS employee if charged with theft, just Google "postal worker fired for theft".


I'll tell you what Netflix Customer Service told me way back in Year 2001:

Put your return disc in a corner Post Office box that has a once a day pickup.

Been doing this for the last decade and have had no return lost discs.


I go out of my way to drop disks in a blue box and I don't recall ever having a problem with returns.

I did have a problem with disks getting to me at one point, but that's nearly 10 years ago now.


I live in a bad part of town, so I personally take the time to drop my Netflix Blu-Ray off at the nearest post office. In the past two years, I've only one movie show up scratched and another disc cracked. Other than that, it's been smooth sailing.


I have experienced lost/stolen discs almost from the beginning of my NF account living in two different states. It has been sporadic and not the norm but over the years I've reported over a dozen discs. Sometimes they showed up weeks or months later and I just returned them. There have been three or four that never did show up at either end however. I attribute those to corrupt postal employees as I always use a secured postal drop. Since moving to my current location I attribute most of it to an incompetent local postal staff. I rarely mail from my home lock box anymore. Whenever I drop them at work I have no problems. Through all of this NF has never suspended me or even threatened to do so.


I'll explain why you want to put your return discs in a corner blue box with a once a day pickup: Only one person touches that disc between you and the special Netflix mailing bin at the post office - the post office guy that collects mail from that blue box once a day. If a Netlix disc return goes missing, it's a pretty clear audit trail where the disc has been.


I'm the Janet that sent the email in for this post. I haven't been stealing the discs. (And I don't appreciate that even being suggested.)

I sent the discs back from 3 locations--my mailbox, the blue box at Walmart, and at the Post Office. I had lost the red envelopes for some, so I would put 2 in an envelope. Netflix would mark that they had received 1 of the discs from the envelope. When I would complain that I sent both discs in, they would use the whole "someone is stealing them from your mailbox" routine. I would explain that the discs were in the same envelope, and they would say that somehow the envelope must have come open. They would then go on to say that one of the discs must have gotten lost when the envelope opened, while the other (miraculously) got there within 2 days from leaving my house.

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