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I wouldn't take Hulu Plus on a dare.


You might not but I'm sure there will be a few Netflix subscribers that have already beat up their streaming and would jump at the chance for other content free of charge. Just more competition for Netflix.

Robert Emmerich

I don't think there could be any downside to 6 months free. This may even cause a few people to drop NF for 6 months or entirely. But unless I completely misunderstand Tivo, people won't be "cutting the cord" for HuluPlus who have Tivo. If you spent $100-$300 on a Tivo box and are willing to pay $13 per month to watch tv and you are probably also paying your cable company to get channels then if you are paying $8 per month for NF you'll probably keep it.

This is the first time I've researched the Tivo Premiere and it looks close to the awesome do-everything STB the world has been waiting for, though my video game addicted family doesn't watch nearly enough tv to justify the cost.


"You might not but I'm sure there will be a few Netflix subscribers that have already beat up their streaming and would jump at the chance for other content free of charge."

There probably are a number of them. And if those people want to leave Netflix for Hulu Plus I say more power to them.

I never said Hulu Plus isn't any good. It's just not for me.


And anyone cares or needs to know that why?


@ Johnson1965Tony108, Jolly, etc.

Like you told me, if you don't like what I say don't read it!

Edward R Murrow

Competition is generally a good thing for the consumer.

Once other companies ramp up for streaming and all companies are streaming the same re-runs then the only point of differentiation will be price. Another good thing for the consumer.


Edward R Murrow;

You are correct but in some cases (cable, satellite, etc) the lack of competition keeps prices higher than they should be.

Sirius XM is getting ready for supposedly a major rate increase. Even though they were forced to wait for 3 years I believe the amount of the increase will more than make up for their waiting. Since there is no other company which people can go to customers either have to pay up or give it up. I would venture to guess the people who have had Sirius XM for a number of years are "hooked" on it and most will not be willing to give it up.

There is also the possibility of collusion between some companies. I'm not sure if it would be hard to prove but I don't remember the last successful government collusion case, if there has ever been one, in my lifetime.


BTW, there are mentions of $13 per month for TiVo. You can actually pay lifetime (per box), which is usually a far more cost effective option. Yes, it's a "gamble", but if it lasts more than a couple of years, it's cheaper than a cable box -- and in most people's opinions, better.

Robert Emmerich

Since I'm the only one who mentioned the $13 - people who pay a lifetime subscription would be even less likely to "cut the cord" in favor of NF or Hulu Plus and since they don't have the monthly Tivo payment would probably keep NF for $7.99 even with a free H+.

Competition is good, but Tivo customers getting 6 free months of H+ shouldn't cost NF that many customers. (Which is why it seems relevant to me.)

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