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John Strosnider

First, Blues Brothers, then, time permitting, a marathon of 80's comedies: Caddyshack, Animal House, National Lampoon's Vacation, Stripes, Ghostbusters, etc.


I'd start with Princess Bride.

And I'd end with Last Night (the 1998 version).

Conveniently, Last Night (1998) is, in fact, currently available for streaming.

Enmanuel Gomez

"It's a Wonderful life" comes to mind :D

Daniel Trogdon

The Rapture, followed by Defending Your Life.


Citizen Kane


There are so many movies I can watch over and over again it would be hard to choose. However if I must choose it would be The Maltese Falcon, followed by Casablanca.

Additional choices would be Mr. Smith Goes to Washington and It's a Wonderful Life.

Robert Emmerich

POTA and Beneath (they kind of work as one, though the 2nd is seriously inferior).

Steven Tevis

The Little Fockers, I haven't seen it yet, It's laying on my coffee table and I want to get my money's worth from Netflix.


Revolver and Vanilla Sky

Christian Calaway

I love that the question is what would your movie be, not last movies! Anyway, "The Time Machine" (1960). Favorite movie ever. Favorite book ever.


F For Fake


Care to elaborate BP?


I'm with Steven, I'd like to see whatever's next in my queue.


@ Tester

Not sure if you're asking me to elaborate because you've never seen it and are curious or if you have and merely wonder why I'd watch it as my last film on Earth, but here goes... :)

I'm hesitant to link this, but I am hoping that it won't ruin the film for you if you decide to watch it.


I could write at length about the film, but I never do, as I could never do it justice. It is my favorite film. As a lover of all cinema, it is my favorite. As an artist (yeah, like you guys couldn't call that one, what with my being a moody asshole), it is my favorite. As a charlatan, it is my favorite. It is the film that righted my wrong concepts of art and artistry, and serves as the enduring context with which I view all films, songs, books, paintings and works of all art.

Sorry, I said I wouldn't write on it, but that's about all I feel I can say. You obviously love classic film. You also enjoy hacking, which, though most people don't realize it, is an artform which renders upon its creators a complete and total permanent anonymity - which is intimately related to the point this film makes. I can't say you'll enjoy F For Fake, but I can say you'll love it.

You'll also see why it's the last film I'd ever watch before falling away into the universal ash.

I would greatly enjoy reading what you think of the film. You can pull my e-mail address from the linked webpage in my Typepad profile (sorry, don't dare type it out here, ha). Do take the time to tell me what you think, love it or hate it. :)




That completely came out of left field and hit me square in the head. Don't worry, according to some of my friends that's my least vulnerable spot. :) I honestly had never heard of the movie, at least I don't remember hearing about it. Considering that it's Orson Wells I am doubly surprised that never heard of it. I thought you were commenting on the question and I was wondering why you said it was fake.

In retrospect I've never seen you simply say something like that without explaining yourself so I must apologize for thinking that.

That said, I listened to a short part of the clip while I am typing this. Based on the little that I listened to I must watch this movie. Hopefully it is available to rent. There is a local rental store that specializes in classic movies. I'm going to check with them tomorrow.

I couldn't find a link to your email address. If you don't mind please send Mike K an email and ask him to forward your email address to me.


The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


The Fifth Element! Bruce Willis will save the day!

Huge Loser



Groundhog Day, then perhaps I can live the day over and over again.... of course, if I went to the "wrong place", maybe I would choose to live the day before over and over...


Life of Brian...

Always look on the bright side of life...


@Tester: Even BP's avatar is from F For Fake.

Spent last night watching Dreyer's Day of Wrath. Seemed appropriate, somehow.




@ Knaldskalle:

I didn't recognize it since I wasn't familiar with the movie.

My local rental store has it but the two copies they have are out. It wasn't available for streaming from Netflix or Amazon. Netflix does have it on DVD, and it's currently available, so I put it in my queue and moved it to the top.

I'm sure glad the world didn't end yesterday. :) Now I'll have a chance to watch the movie.


Aw, it used to be on watch it now! Damn, it was a nice transfer, too. The Criterion DVD is gorgeous, though.

I have a catch-all setup on my domain, Tester, so if you want to reach me you can just send an e-mail to [email protected] and I'll get it.



Thank's BP. An email is headed your way.

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