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The Latin American market is a bit more complex than most executives here realize. It should be interesting to see Netflix's progress there should they decide to go that route. I don't think they'll be nearly as successful as their expansion to Canada but who knows...

Osama Hastings

All this expansion will come at the expense and quality of Netflix in the US further alienating customers along with jacking up the pricing here to afford the international expansion.


I'm moving to Argentina. I'm SOOO going to miss Netflix!! I really hope this is true.


"All this expansion will come at the expense and quality of Netflix in the US"

Proof? So far I think their service has gotten better since Canada, so what makes you think expanding to Latin America would make them worse?


Proof how has it got better? Pushed into inferior streaming so they can save money on postage. Less new releases longer windows. Transformation from movies to what 50% old ass TV shows?


I quote from the topic below this one. Random Netflix customer...
" I despise what Netflix has become. 2 years ago I would have given them 4 1/2 stars as a company. Pretty much everything about their service was fantastic. Today, I would only rate them 1 1/2."


A quote from 1 person isn't proof. There are plenty of posts in that thread that people are saying they love the service. Their growing subscriber base shows that their service is getting more popular (and most likely better, since people have so many other options to use as you like to point out in other posts).

Show me how they aren't getting fairly new titles for streaming (oh wait, what's that epics and stars, you disagree with jolly). Show me how they are forcing people to stream? Oh wait, they aren't, you can still get DVDs just like you always have been able to.

As for streaming being inferior, maybe on your crappy internet connection or using some crappy console (like the wii), but if you have a good connection, you can get 1080p, 5.1 sound, and all that. I don't see how that would be considered crappy, unless you also consider blu-ray crappy, and then it's just a matter of perspective (and you are wrong).

Osama Hastings

WOW pretty defensive for a guy in the game industry!!!PS those are the free subscribers making the coments you are referring to.


I love netflix. It is one of the few bills I pay each month with a smile on my face. I see new movies a couple of times a week on DVD and I get to watch "old ass tv shows" like 56% of ALL Netflix subscribers watch. They have a decade of data on my watching habits and I think maybe they cater the service just to me.


Defensive? I prefer the term argumentative, which I agree, I am argumentative and I've been told as much many many times about many many things. When you know you are right, why back down?

"PS those are the free subscribers making the coments you are referring to."

Oh, so if they are unhappy, they are paying for the service, but if they are happy, they are just free trial accounts. Ok, sure, I believe you. What ever you say, troll.


I hope this true and becomes a reality. Will like to have the full advantage of my PS3 to view films and tv series thru Netflix. If Hulu can do it why not Netflix.

Osama Hastings

@Anon/B/ Here is how Netflix service is getting so much better and the future...

You need to look at the larger context to understand my argument about the cable companies or multi channel operators as the real competition Bill. TWC CEO, Jeff Bewkes refers to NFLX as the Albanian army trying to take over the world and a 200# chimp instead of an 800# gorilla. The Starz CEO mentioned in an article a few months ago that if NFLX wants cheap content they'll just get less of it and has already moved to cut back on content to NFLX before they re-new their deal. I don't remember the other content provider that cut back as well and there are stories about Disney getting ready to limit content to NFLX.

NFLX model doesn't work unless they keep subs for the long haul like the cable companies do and they have been losing subs in droves on a regular basis only masked by even greater numbers of new subs taking their place. How bad a problem this is depends on what percentage were only free subs who never paid and what percentage paid for a year or so and then walked. NFLX won't tell investors however the fact that they won't put out standard sub metrics after 2011 is a pretty good clue that a substantial number of paying subs are walking after a year or so. The issue with paying subs not sticking around for long is that after they max. out new sub additions as they saturate the market existing subs walking will cause revenues to decline forcing them to cut back on content which will result in a death spiral for their subscription streaming service.

Despite Hastings proclamation in his letter to shareholders that they are not a substitute to cable they are an add on expense they have to be a substitute to cable to have any hopes of surviving. The cable companies or multi channel operators know this but for obvious reasons don't want NFLX to become a substitute to their service. NFLX contributions to the content providers revenues is a pittance compared to cable and therefore the content providers are not going to let NFLX have any content that threatens their bread and butter cable customers business. Thus you have the situation I noted in the first paragraph. Content providers cutting back on what they offer to NFLX.

You say you like NFLX service but how many years do you think you will stick around for what is going to be by Hastings own admission the tv. re-run service? The cable companies are already loading up on the same content in tv anywhere that looks to me like it will be everything NFLX offers free with your cable subscription. Even if you like NFLX better than your cable company are you going to pay an extra $100.00/ year for something you get for free? Do you see yourself as a NFLX sub 10 & 20 years from now?

Again if they're losing subs after 1-2-3 years as I suspect and the number of subs walking suggests their model falls apart once they hit the wall on new sub additions and they've already signed up ~59M subs since 2002 (most over the last few years) out of ~75M broadband households in the U.S. Some of them may be repeats but it looks like they may be near hitting the wall on new additions as does Q2 guidance.

There's a whole host of reasons why international is going to be a lot tougher than domestic and then they still have the same retention problem. I know Hastings wants you to believe international is going to pick up the ball for the U.S. when they saturate but I seriously doubt it will happen. Canada certainly isn't doing it.

Osama Hastings

Anon is this how your service is getting better?

Osama Hastings

Back to the subject of Latin America. Brazil is talked about as having 75 million internet users.The thing that is not talked about is that Netflix's plans to go here does not mean the market is 75 million. Only 15 Million of Brazilians even have high speed internet the rest are dial up. Brazil also has the highest penetration of Latian American countries. So looking to this kind of international expansion after allready saturating the us marked is not going to solve the problems for Netflix. This is only a band aid to keep the books cooked.


Osama Hastings

Oh correction 11.25million market....
Here are the true household broadband numbers for Brazil:

Projection of broadband households by 2014 based on the government's 19000+ miles fiber connectivity initiative and after removing business and dual accounts: 27 million.


This is 48% of households. So, real number of households is 56.25 million.

According to these articles, current household penetration is 20% so that would agree with all the other 2010 census data I have seen: 11.25 million broadband households. The rest are business or dual accounts.


Finally, here is the information on the last mile to be built-out as part of the 2014 fiber effort. It will be operated by state owned Telebras.


Here is a detailed Wall Street Journal article that explains most high speed is concentrated along the southeast coast between Sao Paulo (Telefonica Brasil Speedy area) and Rio de Janeiro (Net Servicos Virtua area) but most households in this region are still on dialup.



Wow, way to steal someone else's articles from another site and post them here. For someone who detests stealing in another thread, you sure don't seem to mind when you do it.

As for the rest of your posts, I'm just going to ignore them. I'm tired of all your posts with half truths and outright lies, and I'm done feeding the troll.


Last i checked copy and paste was legal? I would say that you give up to if I just got proven wrong.


Last i checked copy and paste was legal?

You checked? http://www.copyright.gov/title17/ begs to differ.


That's copyrighted material buddy. Wow you put that much work into nonyabusiness.


Published material is copyrighted by default. I figured you didn't check.


So does all this mean that there will be Spanish audio options soon for streaming NFLX in the US?

Osama Hastings

Last i checked copy and paste was legal?

You checked? http://www.copyright.gov/title17/ begs to differ.

Published material is copyrighted by default. I figured you didn't check.

Osama Hastings

Published material is copyrighted by default. I figured you didn't check. Whoops!! just stole your comment.

Isn't that what this website does? Just takes articles from around the web and post them here not illegal? Boy your really grasping at straws now!!!!!!


If you paid any attention at all, you'd notice that this blog quotes excerpts from sources and then links to the original. That is permitted under fair use doctrine (http://www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html), as long as the excerpt isn't too long.

"Quoting" copyrighted material in its entirety is a copyright violation.


@knaldskalle wow you really need to get a life


what copyrighted material has been stolen you nerd.


For starters you can take a look at "jolly's" comments in this post:


Lifted from a website with no indication of source or authorship.



Oh no call the FBI, CIA and Interpol. We got him.
Actually Rocco said go ahead and use it. Next what else you got clueless?

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