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I switched to Blockbuster because of Netflix's blu ray policy, and now only use Netflix streaming.


Also, Blockbuster offers video game rentals for no extra fee.




This story is inaccurate (not saying that the poster is lying, possibly misinformed or misunderstanding). Netflix customer service does not have access to see inventory or whether something is available on Blu-Ray/DVD any more than anyone else; they can just look up your account and see "Oh, it looks like you have it added on [Blu-Ray or DVD]." Thus they would have no greater knowledge than anyone else as to whether a title is available on Blu-Ray or not.

Furthermore, I got Friday the 13th Part 3 on Blu-Ray through Netflix. So it's doubly inaccurate.

Finally, a customer service rep cannot just send out a copy of a specific movie. They can offer courtesy discs which will send out the next available disc in your queue, but it doesn't send out "that" disc. More than likely, this was an instance where they sent out a courtesy disc and it happened that the DVD copy (which was probably in the queue as opposed to BR) was available at that point.

Some of the discs Jamie mentions as not being available on BR (Alien Anthology, Back to the Future) are only available on Blu-Ray as boxed sets, which I imagine the studios do not offer for rent. It is the same as the continued practice of "Rental Discs."

I'm also not saying that there aren't BR availability issues with some titles. There are. But this story demonstrates a flawed understanding.

david v

LA Confidental, The Night of the Hunter, The Maltese Falcon, The Treasure of Sierra Madre, Justified Season 1...

but after I did get an additional account with BB online, and watched some of those films, I'm finding a lot of the titles (mainly Criterion, but some others as well) that they say they carry to be "Unavailable" once I add them to my queue.

So i guess the story is that the consumer has made their voice heard & they all bought 50" 1080p HDTVs to watch movies on DVD or streaming at DVD quality.

And if I like a movie, after i've rented a 2rd rate pan & scan studio release from 1996, I can buy the beautiful restored version for $30 and watch it again like 5 years from now. unless it's not stocked at all, then i guess i'll rent "All About Steve".


Of all the 9 gazillion frivolous class action suits against Netflix, I believe there could actually be a valid one against Netflix about Blu-ray availability.

There appears to be a conscious decision on their part to limit their purchases in this category and this may be deceptive and misleading regarding the additional fee for Blu-ray titles.


"Some of the discs Jamie mentions as not being available on BR (Alien Anthology, Back to the Future) are only available on Blu-Ray as boxed sets, which I imagine the studios do not offer for rent."

I'm not sure I understand Angelica's comment as Netflix can purchase whatever titles they want to offer for rent, as they did for many years even when the studios didn't want to sell them directly to Netflix.

Perhaps the new deals regarding the 30 day windows preclude Netflix from offering any titles that the studio doesn't directly offer for rent. If so, it's another loss for customers.


Yeah, Netflix's BD selection has been pretty poor. I just added Blu-Ray access last month and have been pretty underwhelmed.


Based on NEW movie releases, I'll give it a 8 outta 10. I don't really care about watching old movies on blu-ray, which is pretty much what Jamie is talking about.


Agreed that their blu-ray selection is lacking. Deadwood is missing, as is Dollhouse season 2. (Oddly, in the latter case, they have S1 on BR, and even list BR info for S2, though they don't actually have S2.) It's even worse when you go a whole month without renting a BR and still have to pay the surcharge. So my thought is, why not just charge an extra $.50 *per disc* that you get on BR?

That said, they are good about getting new movies on BR.


I watch new movies mostly. Also I find that older movies on Blu Ray dont offer that much of a better picture.

But id sure like to not have an extra charge for blu ray. Hell id rather all the movies be available on streaming in HD and ill pay what im paying now.


I have more of an issue with NF listing BD titles to "SAVE" and then never actually acquiring them. They also don't acquire new re-release BD titles ever. As long as they have SD discs in their inventory they don't stock up on the new BDs. Case in point: Videodrome was recently released in BD, yet NF only carries the original, poor quality SD version. And now The Outlaw Josey Wales comes out in BD in a month - I doubt we'll ever see it in BD from NF. Soon I will only be using NF for streaming and my disc rental money will go elsewhere.


i will never pay the netflix BR surcharge as long as RedBox is 1.50 a BR... They're doing a great job with older TV shows in HD, but new stuff on Blu, i go straight to red box...


I rarely have a problem getting Blu-Ray. As a person who almost exclusively watches Blu-Ray this should say something. The only Title I have received on DVD recently was "Taking Chance" and that is not even available on Blu-Ray. I am not sure why I have had no problems, but I have not.


I had blu ray plan from netflix for a few months. we didn't think it worth the extra cost since so many tv shows we were getting didn't come on blu ray and the availability of blu ray discs was pretty awful.

The Truth

I would rate it GARBAGE.

A Lynch

Why people want to spend money on the Blu-Ray format is beyond me. If you have so much extra money to spend just send it to me.


Although BB Online had been much better for BD catalog discs, they have gone to crap with their sale looming and have yet to get any better. Here is a list of BD titles released recently that are not available on BB Online (or Netflix).

Hard Boiled
Broadcast News
Out Of Sight
Exit Through The Gift Shop
Four Lions
And Justice For All
The People vs. Larry Flynt
Taxi Driver

These are "On Order" not a good sign that they will be added
The Incredibles
Rabbit Hole
The Way Home
Blow Out

So BB Online has been just as bad as Netflix for about the past 3 months, but at least they don't charge a premium for nothing like Netflix.


Extra cost? What is $4 a month when you divide it by 10-15 discs? Less than the .50 extra per disc on Redbox.

Perkins Cobb

I'm starting to feel like a broken record here with my comments about Netflix's reduction in DVD and Blu-Ray selection. But since you brought it up....

Because of the surcharge, and because people who have a BR player are unlikely to be happy about settling for less, NF's anemic Blu-ray acquisition is its most vulnerable point of attack amid the issue of its flagging commitment to physical media. It will be interesting to see how they address it, because I suspect they will eventually have to.

My guess: they won't go back to buying Blu-rays, but they'll drop the surcharge and spin it as a PR win.


In truth, I sympathize with Netflix and the difficult metrics of keeping a Blu-ray inventory.

But it seems like they want to have their cake and eat it, too. They should STOP charging the extra fee and then continue to have a crappy Blu-ray selection. That way it will just be a reality of a format that has taken awhile to be adopted by consumers.

As it is, I'm pretty sure the current fee is a sort of a punishment tax on the part of Netflix. As in, "We don't want to stock these, it's a pain, they break more easily, they're expensive, et cetera."


the only problem ive had with netflix and thier blu titles is the new tron movie but that has more to due with some bumb sitting on it and not returning it. outside of that no problems. as a matter of fact i rented bule thunder a while back thinking im getting a dvd and got a blu. so i was happy.



The story is not inaccurate. This is what happened to me. Friday the 13th Part III was in the queue. I have my account set to automatically select BD. I double checked that it was BD. It got passed over twice for shipping. I called yesterday, the rep told me they don't actually have it on Blu-Ray, so he sent out a courtesy disc, the DVD version, in addition to my normal allotment of discs.

The fact is there is a surcharge. If there is a surcharge they should be buying catalog (older) titles. Netflix used be known for their selection of less popular movies. That was one of their draws.


I got a netflix subscription to replace my blockbuster account. The extra charge for BD and either not having fewer BD selections, and not getting any BD even while paying an extra charge is affecting me so that I'm dropping netflix down to streaming only and keeping blockbuster for the optical media.

Jacob Neff

I despise what Netflix has become. 2 years ago I would have given them 4 1/2 stars as a company. Pretty much everything about their service was fantastic. Today, I would only rate them 1 1/2.

I only wish I weren't among the minority, because apparently most of their subscribers are fine with crappy streaming, rental discs (oh how I hate these), and lack of catalog Blu-Rays.


Blu-Ray is going to be short lived in the long run. Everything is moving toward having the file or streaming. I think Netflix is smart in not investing all that much in the Blu-Ray market. The only people I know that get Blu-Rays from Netflix are people I talk to online. Not a single friend or family member gets them from Netflix.

I do agree though that if they are not going to invest in it that much, they should not charge more.


Netflix blows for renting physical media anymore, they forgot their roots in this business.

HD lover

There's nothing like watching an HD movie in a home theater that's setup properly with a big screen and sound system.

Let's be honest, streaming just can't compete with a proper home theater and HD user experience.


When Netflix decided to charge a surcharge for Blu-ray, I decided to just get my Blu-ray rentals from Blockbuster. I've always had both Netflix and Blockbuster on-line rental accounts.

I can't speak to either the Netflix nor the Blockbuster Blu-ray catalog, since the only Blu-ray movies I watch or ones where Blu-ray makes a discernible difference - action movies or Sci-Fi stuff. Run of the mill dramas don't need blu-ray IMO - upscaling the standard DVD works fine. As for 3-D, that's all just a passing fad IMO.


Wow. Such vitriol. I'm very happy with Netflix BluRay. Pretty much every disc I from Netflix is BluRay. Most of the ones I don't are documentaries without a BluRay edition.

I have had the occasional issue with a movie dropping out of my queue, but that's to be expected with a studio system that has little interest in having all movies always available and for sale. If someone breaks the disc and the movie studio has decided not to sell a replacement, what can Netflix do about it?


I get that the bluray thing was a problem for Jamie - but Netflix's streaming service has become so unbelievably awesome, that it totally destroys Blockbuster as an option for me. There's no way blockbuster can compare, UNLESS, A) you watch 0 movies streaming AND B) you ONLY rent Bluray.


BB was getting all the new blu releases. Lately they have been "unavailable" or "on order". Too bad, it was a good deal. Still, their selection of blu ray is better than netflix. Especially catalog titles.


Vote with your wallet. If you don't think the BD surcharge is worth it (based on availability of titles on BD or availability of the actual BD discs themselves if Netflix has them), just don't pay it.


I sympathize with Jamie's problem, but it does not appear to be very common - this is the first I've seen it happen and nobody else in the hundreds (thousands) who've read this thread have either. Not that there aren't plenty of inaccuracies in the database, just not to this level of annoyance.

Netflix is not just going to give up a (20?) million dollar / mo revenue stream AND incur many millions more in acquisition costs because of these minor complaints. They will weigh the complaints of those who don't think it's a good value vs. those who seem to be fine with it and also consider those who just want DVD who will end up paying more. Not an easy problem.

They seem to get BD for every major new release, which is what the vast majority of their customers desire. The availability of those is comparable vs. DVD (i.e. there is no evidence that BD users are waiting significantly longer). They also do fill in their old catalog with BD, but it is haphazard (the bottom 300 of my queue is mostly DVD and they occasionally convert to BD and I move them up).

It's not a great value for everyone. If you watch mostly TV series or movies older than 5 years then you may not get a great value, but you're probably still paying less than a buck extra per disc for those BDs. That is the nature of Netflix' pricing model overall, some are going to get tremendous value and others not so much - there is no pricing plan that will make everyone happy (including their shareholders).


I used to pay the surcharge for Blu-ray, but when the rate increase came, I re-evaluated my account and decided that Blu-ray selection did not justify the amount extra that I was paying. Of course, unlike others, I don't think "voting with your wallet" is a valid tactic. In truth, I believe that this is exactly what Netflix wants. They've been very clear that their focus is on transitioning from a physical media company to a streaming company.


I would pay another $5/mo if they would stop sending me rental discs or discs which have previews that can't be skipped with a single button. I'm in the minority on that one, however.


I too am frustrated with Netflix's Blu-ray selection. Very few catalog titles are available, virtually none of the new Criterion discs are out (possibly having to do with Criterion's switch to Hulu?), All-Star Superman and Doctor Who Season 5. Those last two are brand new titles, not catalog!

For those who say Blu-ray is only a temporary medium, so Netflix is smart to not invest in it, I respect your opinion, but regardless we the customer are paying Netflix to have these Blu-ray discs in stock. If they no longer want to commit to Blu-ray, they should drop the extra charge.


wampachow, there is no guarantee provided by Netflix as to which blu-rays they will get, just as there was no guarantee they would buy every DVD you might have wanted.

If the selection of blu-rays is not to your liking then you are more than welcome to drop blu-ray support or cancel Netflix altogether. Nobody will hold it against you, least of all Netflix.


1/3 of my queue (almost all of them are movies from within the last 2-3 years) is available on blu ray. I've been perfectly happy with it.


I just cut down from 2 out with blu-ray to streaming only due to this reason. They don't seem to give a crap about catalog titles anymore. I'm now pirating again for the first time in 3 years.

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