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"successful Canadian launch"......
When was this did I miss the successfull part? I thought the subscribers we're slowing down and the quality had to be lowered because of the bandwith caps.

Anthony Joerger

I was just thinking about this post and wanted to mention it to Dentist in Spokane Wa. I feel they are just trying to nake people comfortable, but the true fact the will be no more Netflix :(


Posts from two Tony J's. What are the chances?


...and at least one of them is spam.

Looks like Netflix is eyeing Europe, East Asia and India as well as South America. That seems like a lot of expansion to me. I wonder if they're really looking for all those languages or if some of it is a smoke screen to confuse competitors...?


I feel that both of those posts are spam.


That's right it's spam unless it's you responding then it's a qualified opinion.

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