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I blocked BP108. Let me know by e-mail (hackingnetflix at gmail.com) if he sets up another account.

- Mike



I believe this site is going to be a lot better off with Jolly banned.


@Mike I think if your going to ban one of them you should go the extra step and ban Tester and for sure BP and clean up this whole site.


OK Johnson1965Tony108, why should Mike ban BP or I? If you give a legitimate argument maybe you'll get your wish.


Thanks Mike. Sorry it had to come to this.


[I can't resist this]

"Why do I have a feeling you are going no where."

How wonderfully ironic.


@ BP108:

"Spammer sure seems like I'm talking about Netflix on a Netflix board. What are you?"

I'll tell you what I am, I am still here under my one name. Still here just like Gir, BP, Chicusmc05 and many other users who know how to act and are fed up with your BS. You on the other hand are here under another soon to be banned name.



"How wonderfully ironic."

I was thinking the same thing.


Edward R Murrow

BP and others - so many folks post 100% positive Netflix comments, I thought I'd represent the flip-side just for healthy debate purposes. Also, I don't have the time or inclination to read posts that take me 15 minutes to read.

BTW, one of the reasons that I'm a fan of Philip Kaplan is that he started http://www.adbrite.com/, which is very cool biz model. His drumming rocks too!

Lastly, it appears that BP108 violated Mike's guidance and has been banned. Others continue to violate Mike's guidance and have not been banned. Any cognitive dissonance going on?


@ Edward R Murrow;

I don't know if I'm included in your "Others" comment but I want to reply to you with my feelings.

There is no one here that I have agreed with or disagreed 100% of the time except for Jolly and all of his other names, (including his new one).

I have had "flame wars" with some of the people here and then patched things up with most of them.

While I am far from being perfect I do try to practice a number of things, not only here but at the various sites I am associated with.

The first thing is; If I agree or disagree with you I will tell you that and I will state my reasons for agreeing or not agreeing. The second thing is I will not make personal attacks against any of the people here unless I am retaliating against someone who attack me first.

I find that in some instances I can agree with the post someone puts up but not agree in the manner that it was posted. I will, once again post what I feel about ti without personal attacks.

Have I always been successful in doing those things; No I haven't but I would say my success rate, if you don't count my retaliatory attacks, is in the 90%+ range.

That said, I believe most of us here are of similar mind. The biggest two exceptions are/were Manuel and Jolly.

I believe Mike K. realizes that and that's why we are given the latitude you seem to be concerned about. Jolly was give that latitude as well but he was way over the top almost all of the time.

There, you have my "take" on it. I will be happy to discuss/debate these things with you if you so desire.

Nathan Doshier

@ Mike:

I could probably say this via email, but thank you for all that you do with this site. I know it can't be easy to see posts explode with incendiary comments, but you handle it with great integrity.

@ BP

I mainly lurk on here, and I don't always agree with your posts, but they're always entertaining and never just spam for your own agenda.


I've never downloaded a movie but use to download music from the likes of Napster until crackdowns on that started. Then if I wanted to hear a song I just streamed it from Playlist.com or MySpace. Now I just go to Amazon and pay to download albums. All I've heard about movie downloads are comments of frustration and uncertainty, plus I want good quality and have seen the crappy bootleg DVDs, so I don't mind paying such a low rate for Netflix or Amazon, or to buy sometimes.

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