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David Hyman

I had the sample problem. I called Netflix and they told me it was a database error. They escalated it to the engineers and it was fixed in 24 hours.


I've not had the problem Christopher describes. My pet peeve (and one possible explanation for his problem) is that if you add a movie to your queue when only DVD is available, but later the studio decides to release a Blu-Ray version, Netflix does not automatically update your queue. Every few weeks I scan through my queue and I find a handful of movies where the drop-down tab reads DVD and I have to manually change it to Blu-Ray. That could be what happened to Christopher if it's been a while since he added the movie to his queue.

It's doubly-annoying on multi-disc series because there is no drop-down. You have to hover over the title, wait for the pop-up, figure out if it's on Blu-Ray, remove the entire series, and re-add it to get the Blu-Ray version.

I understand if you're in the middle of a series (it may be four DVDs but only three Blu-Rays, thus they don't correspond to one another), but if the series is still in your queue (or if it's just a one disc film), I wish Netflix would update your queue automatically. We are paying for the privilege of Blu-Ray, after all.


I occasionally see this if a movie is only out on DVD when I add it to my queue and then a BluRay version comes out later. Otherwise, I pretty much always get the BluRay version.


Hmm, I guess I will have to call Netflix about this issue now. I received another DVD today that was also available on Blu-ray. And i even specifically made sure the drop down was set to Blu-Ray before it shipped. This must be a specific issue with my account as it doesn't seem to be effecting many others.


I've always had this problem. I shouldn't have to - but every month I have to go through my queue and find the random saved titles that Netflix didn't correctly tag "Blu-ray". It's frustrating that nothing works as it should on a website I am paying to use.


I often go through my disc queue to switch DVDs to Blu-ray myself. Annoying.


I've mostly seen it happen, as others have suggested, when the DVD comes out before the blu-ray, or when they don't have the blu-ray yet (sometimes Netflix doesn't actually buy the blu-ray if the DVD has already been out for a while, it seems). I've had ones pop into my queue set to DVD, then when I change them to blu-ray they pop back into "saved" with an unknown release date.


I have the same problem, about 30% of the time. It's just NF, they are a poorly managed company when it comes to servicing the customer.

Jonathan Trillo

@Ctaber I had the same problem. Something to do with x and y not syncing at the nextflix databases. They told me they're working on it. I removed my blu-ray access (my netflix would default to blu-ray) as sometimes I wanted dvds to watch on my laptop.

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