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I think Netflix is doing great even with the field of compition growing. With the international growth they are planning they're bound to be successful. Unfortunately their customer service score have gone down because of their base now including more "non technical" customers that have to deal with the fustration of now dealing with ISPs, firmware updates, and home networking configurations.


Well I'm just glad the stock prices are still doing great even though the "Netflix bubble" has stabilized and investors shouldn't have to worry about it bursting anytime soon. I think Amazon and Netflix both have great business models, and looking at their financial statements its great to see they adopt the standard of not reporting how much they purchase streaming content for. These should ease some of the seeking alpha loons that believe everything is going to hell in a hand basket.

Osama Hastings

I imagine Reed Hastings will amp up the customer service again. Netflix has always pride themselves on being the best at customer service for the past couple years running. So I can see this being a temporary slump.


Wow, Jolly, fluff, and Osama Hasting; I agree with everything you are saying, and I don't think you should have to defending any position you make take. I think anyone that disagrees with you is just a big fat dummy head that can't provide you any real context to argue with. I think you all would just be wasting your time with them trying to explain to these non-agreeable inept dummy heads basic concepts. But to stay on topic, I think Netflix customer service is still doing great, I've never had an issue calling them.


The streaming is by far my favorite thing about Netflix, I'm looking forward to the improvements they are doing to it! Customer service really helped me out the other day, my Roku was saying "Cannot connected to the internet" and I had no idea what it meant, seriously none. Called customer service and they fixed it for me in 10 secs. I'd never be able to figure it out without them.

Some new random name that I hide behind

Wow, its great you guys (or guy) finally pulled your heads out of your asses. I'm so proud of you. You guys should keeping spreading your ideas like theses on a Netflix FAN website all you want. That kind of trolling makes total sense. It good that you even wrote your own articles instead of copy/pasting from seeking alpha or somewhere else. It seems like your educated individual(s) now. Good job.


I agree with the last poster, but could you refrain from using naughty words like ass. Its offensive and doesn't make you sound intelligent, even though in the past you've but together some intelligent comments. I have more hope for you.


PB (I Love Peanut Butter)

A$$ is the preferable word. Shame on you for not knowing that, BP. Not really that surprising since you made an a$$ out of yourself when you spewed your oil all over the Gulf of Mexico.

I foresee a time when Customer Satisfaction Surveys will be about as meaningless as a post from "Some new random name that I hide behind."

Keep posting, BP. You complete me.


What do you think mike are we ready to block this BP guy now? God forbid someone have a different opinion then them they should be attacked immediatley


This only makes sense, as Netflix used to focus on one thing (discs by mail) and being the best at that. Now, their focus is split and they seem to be focused primarily on acquiring streaming content at the cost of all else.

So, I think the following are all reasons for their dethroning:

- Streaming outages are more frequent

- Streaming issues (lower quality streams, without a complete outage) are MUCH more frequent

- Netflix customer service has exactly one response to requests for assistance with streaming issues: "It's not us, it's the other guy. Call them."

- Fewer discs are purchased each and every month

- Minimum effort is being made to acquire new Bluray content for those customers who pay the BD premium

- For a business that is run entirely online to not have email or chat support is unfathomable

- Though the website has ways to report problems, customers are limited to a couple of standard statements with checkboxes which never seem to accurately apply to the issue being reported

And folks, don't get me wrong...I still love Netflix and wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't have it tomorrow. I'm just saying that they used to bend over backward to try and please their customers. Now their attention seems to be elsewhere and we are more an afterthought, much like with other companies, which I think is contributing to their drop from the top.


It makes sense to me seeing as how Netflix has shifted from quality to quantity.

I'd like to see more quality innovation (the kind that's good for customers, not just the kind thats good for the big corporations) personally, but I think they've settled in their niche and they'll stay there for a while.


I expect seeing how they need to focus on international expansion to stay viable that the quality in the US is going to continue to decline.


There is people who fill out those ForeSee Survey's?


I have dealt with both Amazon and Netflix for many years and I would be hard pressed to say who is first or second in customer service. They are both great.


@BP why are you so intent on stopping someone's free speech? If you don't like their comments quit reading them.


Amazon has a number of different contact methods available, including a web form/email, to which (in my experience) it responds in a timely and often appropriate fashion.

Netflix, far as I can tell, has no feedback mechanism at all. Don't like something Netflix is doing? You can gripe about it on hackingnetflix, but Netflix the company doesn't want to hear it. Have a problem with a DVD or streaming session? Better hope the problem fits into one of a few vague categories and requires neither further description nor immediate attention: there's no way to tell Netflix just what the problem is, and in my experience, reports of streaming problems are ignored.

The measure of customer service is responsiveness when things go wrong. Amazon is easy to contact and responds promptly. Netflix is largely impossible to contact, and to the extent that contact is possible, it doesn't respond at all. So no surprise Amazon beat Netflix.



It appears you aren't aware of the toll-free customer service number Netflix has. The few times I have needed to call I have come away very satisfied with the resolution. The same holds true for Amazon.


Netflix toll-free customer service sucks. They only tell you it's not their fault and tells you it's in the pipe lines and to call them. Not only that but they resolve nothing. Tester what issue did they resolve for you??


Let it be known from this day forward that if you do not agree with BP and his views that you shall be mocked and ridiculed. Only BP's views are allowed to be voiced!

if this new rule is not adhered to then you shall be relentlessly pursued, impersonated and verbally abused.

Richard D

ve to agree with byteme, but these 2 issues I feel don't help....
Streaming outages are more frequent

Streaming issues (lower quality streams, without a complete outage) are MUCH more frequent.

and yes I copied and pasted that from byteme,s post....

I still love the service but it is starting to get frustrating.....


@ Tom:

It seems you're talking about streaming issues. I've only called them one time about streaming (I'll get to that shortly). The other times it was about account issues.

The one time I called about a streaming problem was when I first started streaming. I was using my Wii and it was horrible. Whatever I watched would re-buffer every 10 minutes or so.

The representative was very helpful. He told me how my streaming rate was fluctuating from 0.?? Mbps up to several Mbps. He felt it was the Wii that was causing the problem and he offered to take the streaming off of my account and refund the money to me. I declined his offer.

It turned out he was correct about the Wii. I purchased a Roku and the re-buffering issue ended. When I added Netflix to my PS3 I didn't have any buffering problems with that either.

The reason I know the problem was with my Wii is because even now, if I try to stream on the Wii, I buffering problem starts. All 3 units are in the same area and are fed from the same network cable. I have NEVER had anything I stream on the PS3 or the Roku re-buffer.


Paul, you are correct that Netflix does not care what you think. It is totally impractical to take unsolicited feedback from their 20+ million customers and do anything meaningful with it.

This does not mean that they don't care what their users think as a whole, they certainly do. But they get that information through other methods: A/B testing, careful polling, even by perusing the blogs and the forums.

The CSRs are there to help you with real problems, e.g. missing discs, confusion over the web site, billing issues etc. and (from what I can see) they do a great job overall. They are not there so you can tell Netflix to buy more copies of Avatar or correct the genre of some obscure 70's flick.

What issues have you had that they were unhelpful with?


Networking/streaming problems are often incredibly difficult to resolve. CSRs can be expected to help you out with the most common problems and give you suggestions, but it is unreasonable to expect them to troubleshoot your network for hours at a time.

I find it hard to believe that Amazon would/could do any better. After going through all the simple and common problems they are also just going to offer you a refund and thank you for your patience.


I agree that NF is suffering from higher expectations. Now that the novelty of their service is well worn, everybody wants everything ever made available in HD for cheap. Also with their 30 whatever million customers they are experiencing technology and infrastructure growing pains. All of todays articles are filled w/ comments about streaming problems, data caps, lack of BR content etc. They are no longer a little company trying to make it. They have succeeded and are now susceptible to complaints; some legitimate and some not so much.

I do not agree that NF has much in the way of direct competion...yet. The examples given here either offer pay per purchase or rent (iTunes, YouTube) or offer comercial laden limited content (Hulu) or offer only their own fare (HBO, uVerse). The only one offering a similar service is Amazon and they are far behind the game. No one comes close to NF in sheer volume and variety of content at such a low price point. Again I say...yet. I'm sure as the years pass somebody will step up and offer direct competition. If NF slipped in this poll it's more likely due to expectations than competition.

Some random name I hide behind

Actually BP had nothing to do with this first 8 comments. And no it's not subpressing someone free speech by mocking them, I was also some what mocking BP as well. And think about it jolly, BP tends to be on the more vulgar side of things, but is normally an entertaining read. You how ever are a troll, basically the annoying gnat of this website. You hid behind multiple names to make the appearance of support. Then try to bug mike to ban people who call you out and belittle you and your copy/paste antics. If you really want people to take you serious I think everyone who has read this blog would want one nickname for a commenter. The fact is alot of old commenters I don't see here anymore because of trolls like you jolly. This actually affects mike's web traffic, which in turns affect his adsense account, ie money coming to him by running this site. I'd really love if mike adopts a gizmodo-like comment system (the old one) to eliminate the troll traffic.


OK BP whatever you say.....


You forgot the "- BP" signature.

I don't think most people realize Netflix is just a content provider and that's why the numbers took a hit. It's just like if your cable goes out and you call ABC or NBC to troubleshoot it, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. And when they do actually have a problem on their side they send a "we're sorry" e-mail with a credit. Now for issues with silverlight and random devices messing up the CSRs can normally fix the basic stuff out of making it easy for the customer, instead of referring like they should alot of the time. But as long as your not messing with your home network or not adding crazy add-ons to your browser everything works pretty damn good 98% of the time.


Did someone put acid in our Shiner last night and we weren't aware? We always knew we were one more trip away from going psychotic, we just thought we'd enjoy it more when we finally developed multiple personality disorder and sprouted Sean Bean's career output in our head.

Legitimately yours,

-BP (I can't think of a way to pluralize this, sorry)

Oh wait, there's an actual topic here that I feel like commenting on...

Price: This feels a bit disingenuous to me. Yeah, they raised their prices. Yeah, that kinda sucks. On the other hand, everything is more expensive than it was, so why ding only Netflix?

Functionality: Again, disingenuous. Are a lot of the streaming problems probably Netflix's/their CDN? Hard to say. Could be. I'd place my money on it being the ISPs, though. Sort of like dinging Ford for making a car that can go 155mph that you drive at 55mph when the speed limit is 70mph. Aw, sorry, that analogy's rubbish. Why couldn't we sprout Rainman as one of our alter egos?

Merchandise: What the fuck is this? Merchandise? Isn't that what Content is for? How do you rate Netflix on this?

Content: Well, I still constantly find shitty, I'm talking truly god-awful horror films (like "Harpoon") to watch. Time and time again Netflix never disappoints. Yeah, I don't think they're making the leaps and bounds in securing content that they used to, but then again, neither is anyone else. They did lose Criterion, though, so maybe the complaint is legitimate. As far as DVDs go... they still have just about everything I want. If movies I love start dropping out of circulation, or exotic new releases (Criterion or Asian stuff) stops being stocked, then let's talk. I couldn't give a damn about Blockbuster Night (tm) New Releases, but I can see how they'd lose a point or two in comparison to Amazon's service which costs significantly more and has less functionality.

- (We will not quote an Eminem song here) BP


I've never had any issues with Netflix, but I'm not a typical "dumb" user. I can figure out most technical issues on my own. Also Netflix has always been great regarding replacement DVDs for damaged discs.


I just had to log in to typepad to leave a comment.

If this is a policy change to prevent nym-shirting (as in the first 8 comments on this thread) I'm all for it. It's become near impossible to figure out who some comments belong to.

[I also notice comments are closed on older posts.]



I think Mike has finally had enough. It's funny how things work out. Years ago, when Mike first said he was going to institute TypePad I was completely against it. Once he did integrate it into the site I accepted it but wasn't thrilled. I got used to it and then it vanished. I am thrilled that it is back.

I don't think it will fix all of the issues but I'd say it's a great start.

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