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I've been looking forward to I Am Number Four. Looks like a fairly good week for new releases.

Kameron Davis

I watched 'Even the Rain' yesterday on Instant. I missed it during its 2 week run at the local "art house theater". I'm also excited about 'Transcendent Man'.

When the new-releases I most want to see come immediately available on Instant Watch, it's a good week in my book. This has happened with increasing frequency over the last year.


I wish these announcements separated out the DVD and streaming offerings, given how terribly lame I am at returning DVDs (I just returned three DVDs in one envelope because it's been so long since I got them, that I lost all my envelopes and had to borrow an envelope from a friend).



Before I started streaming (Nov 2010) I never gave what you're wishing for a thought. Now I do use streaming I must totally agree with you.

I'm not sure if it will work but maybe enough emails to Netflix will make it happen. It certainly can't hurt.

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