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Just a side note. My instant queue has been fine for a few days. As soon as I added a Blu Ray movie off of this list from the hacking netflix site my instant queue reorganized.

Not saying its hacking netflix, but it is a problem with how netflix handles third party sites and apps.


I'm having the same problem as Albokay, on Friday I added a few movies from a third party website and it scrambled my queue.

As for new releases the only one I'm interested in is The Green Hornet.


The above list is missing Psych: Season 5 and Stargate Universe: Season 2 which both started shipping today but were not included on the RSS feed or the "Releasing This Week" page. It is getting harder to know when my favourite shows are releasing on DVD.

Anybody come across a site like DVDLater that has upcoming DVD releases of TV shows linked to NF?

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