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To this day I am still mad Arnold made Junior over another action movie...when I was a kid I was so upset when he said he wanted to do comedy's!


I love, absolutely love, that you are now mentioning what movies are now streaming. Now I don't have to rollover each title to see if it's "Watch Instantly" or just "Add". This site rocks socks.


Being Human: Series 3 also comes out this week.

Daniel M

April came and went without The Wonder Years being added to Instant. I knew it was too good to be true!


Thanks for adding the list of streaming titles, it is appreciated.

Osama Hastings

You should include a list of all the streaming titles that are being removed each week to.

Ned Ryerson

instantwatcher.com is an excellent and thorough site that lists ALL expiring and upcoming movies on Netflix Streaming. I think that this site should announce streaming, too, but instantwatcher is dedicated to everything streaming and this site is a little different in it's aim and scope.


Feedfliks is much better.


I use both feedflicks and instantwatcher to keep track of streaming. I think with the volume of movies/TV shows on streaming now, it is too much to announce ALL of them on this site.


What happened to the instant Miramax titles that were suppose to debut on May 1?


Wasn't Frasier announced for april release?


I plan on recommending some of these new titles on NetflixStreaming.blogspot.com soon!

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