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They need to start working on all the streaming disruption issues.


Ok, this may sound like the dumbest question evar, but why did they start with the devices (iPhone) that deaf people would be least likely to own?!


I wouldn't discount the iPhone or any other smartphone as being popular amongst the deaf. They are TTY capable and present people with a powerful internet capable computer. I see where you are coming from - it's a phone, why do deaf people need a phone? Smartphones are so much more than just that, though.

To really answer your question, I'd simply say that Apple provided Netflix with the ability to easily integrate captions. Maybe there's a more lengthy answer, or malicious motivations behind why iPhone is one of the first with captions, but that would be a stretch.



Netflix didn't start with the iPhone. Subtitles have been available on the PS3 for a while now.

I believe subtitles are platform-independent; the only issue is that the client needs to be updated to know what to do with them. Netflix can more easily push new client versions to the PS3 and the iPhone than other platforms, I'm guessing (other than Macs/PCs, which have also had subititles for a while now).


Scott M Decker

Thus far, subtitles have not worked for us. They appear to become increasingly out of sync the further we get into the movie.

Hoping this great feature will be functioning properly soon.

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