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I wonder if anyone will list one of them as their reason to quit?

Next on the MPAA adjenda; Take Netflix to court in order to force them to release the personal information of those that did choose one of those two.


That's pretty forward. Maybe they should go all the way and add an option for postal workers who steal their discs.


Can this be construed as Netflix "suggesting" illegal places/ways for their departing customers to... ahem... "acquire" movies and TV shows? I suppose they cleared it with their legal dept.


Right because Netflix is so concerned with legalities. They cook the books.


@BP108: Then report them to the SEC.


I would think polls have some leeway. Would polling people about illicit drug use be seen legally as encouraging actual use?

Personally, I think it's a fair question. I don't know that anyone would answer honestly. So who knows how reliable any data they get regarding that option may be.


I thought that logins were to stop the constant threadjacking. Has BP108 posted anything besides their own masturbatory bs?


@XVarX: I think it depends on how the question is phrased.

"Would you ever buy methamphetamine from Mike on the corner of 4th St and 5th Ave?" could perhaps be seen as encouraging while "Would you ever buy methamphetamine?" probably wouldn't.

It's a matter of how much information is conveyed in the question itself. I'd never heard of tvlinks.com before, for example.

Smy Lee

Is there a way yet to ignore any comment ever made by a user, say BP108, for example?

Account Deleted

Just because you can download stuff illegally using peer to peer or torrents doesn't mean that everything including movies or TV shows obtained those ways are illegally obtained. And most certainly TV shows are not illegal to download as long as they are not DVD rips and are the show recorded from the TV airing.




Let's see what Netflix employees have to say about this company...

Netflix employee...
When it comes to people, Netflix is a throw away culture. Most people last somewhere around two years before they leave or quit. There seems to be no barriers to stop a manager from firing anyone that works for them. If your manager likes you, everything is peachy but if s/he doesn't like you for any reason at all, you're quickly out the door.

A lot of time gets wasted by new people trying to figure out how a thing works, or (more often) just ripping it out and creating something new since whoever built it is long gone. Then these new people move on to the next company and the cycle starts again.

The "high performance culture" in practice means that there are very few useless people. The downside is that you always know that your job is temporary and you're always worried that you'll be fired. It's a stressful way to live.

Netflix prides itself on being a "nimble" company. It will occasionally do amazing things in a very short time period. Deadlines can be crazy and they often don't take into account other work that needs to be done. Projects don't replace the workload you already have, they just add to it. Many times you'll deliver on a deadline only to find out that the work was unnecessary as someone decided to completely change the architecture or cancel the project completely.

Everyone is assumed to be available 24x7x365. Email is sent and replied to at all hours of all days and nights. You can never let go of work.

Lastly, the company philosophy is to pay employees and let them decide what to do with the money, so there aren't a ton of perqs for working there. Benefits are okay but not great. No real gym membership, onsite masseuses or anything fancy. The whole company used to go to Sundance every year (payed for by Netflix) but they stopped that some years ago.

Advice to Senior Management

There is a price to pay for treating employees as easily replaceable commodities. The lack of process and documentation coupled with high turnover means that once a person has been there long enough to understand the environment, it's time to go.

Netflix goes to a lot of trouble to hire great people. It puts very little effort into keeping them. Employees live with a lot of stress and some fear knowing that they could be fired at any time no matter how hard they work, no matter how long they worked there, and no matter what they accomplished for the company.

Putting a little effort into retaining good employees will make for a happier workforce and more efficiency.


Why not ask departing employees what they thought of Netflix...

Read other reviews of former employees. Out of all people that I worked with at the time more than 80% were kicked out. Most of them are bright engineers.

My advice - if you are offered a position in Netflix fight for the highest salary possible. In any case expect to be fired soon. Maybe after a year, maybe sooner, maybe later.


This is a good one it's what Netflix employees think about you the customer...

Customers have no lives so they call up about stupid things and feel they deserve the world for $9.99

Dealing with stupid people all day long is very rough.

Pay is great but think about it, why do they pay so well? If it was a great place to work they would not need to pay well, would they ;-)

constantly acting like you care takes its toll at about 4 months in (like I said start looking for another job on your three day weekend no matter what you think at the start of this job, you will thank me later for that nugget of info ;-)

You will not get time off even though they don't give you paid time off

People are always getting axed around you so don't depend on the job.


I guess BP108 just can't post anything that isn't way off-topic.




A new dirge of the internet - off-topic spammers.

I figure we'll need a new tactic to deal with them. They don't seem to get bored and go away when we ignore them. If the 3 posts in a row above are any indication, BP108 doesn't need any replies to carry on an argument.


Larry, Moe and curley nice post.


I don't know what's worse the comments or the people complaining about the comments.


Hmmm; Say there Johnson1965Tony108, you've made two posts in your brand new TypePad account and both of them are complaints about some of the people here.

Are you sure Hacking Netflix is where you really want to spend your time? It seems you aren't happy here.

Maybe you'd rather be someplace where you can be "Happy",




@ Gir:

Which one do you want to be Moe, Larry or Curly? I'll be Larry, if you don't mind. ;)


I think I'd like to be curley - it's sounds so exotic - enchanté, olé, curley.


Alright then. Gir, you're Curly and I'm Larry. Now we need someone to be Moe. Who want's to be Moe?


Jason said:
>And most certainly TV shows are not illegal to download as long as
>they are not DVD rips and are the show recorded from the TV airing.

That shows that Jason knows nothing about copyrights. There is no legal difference between downloading a "DVD rip" and something recorded from a TV airing. They are both copyright infringement.


@ me.yahoo.com;

If I understand you correctly you are saying that it's copyright infringement to download a copy of something that aired on TV. If that is what you're saying you are correct.

The Supreme Court ruled in the Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc. case that it was legal to copy anything on TV for private use only. If you make it available for download than that is not considered private use.


BP108 obviously has some strong opinions about Netflix employment...I would like to weigh in and say that Netflix was a wonderful place to work; I'll be the first to admit that the turnover rate is very high (I am an ex-employee; I quit almost a year ago) and it can make the job very stressful, but I was very happy there. Its not the sweatshop that this disgruntled person makes it out to be. Maybe they had never worked in that environment before, it really wasn't all that different from the other call centers out there.

But on the note of the illegal downloading, I don't think that anyone would necessarily admit to torrenting things, but its kind of neat that Netflix is recognizing it. Maybe its a subtle 'tsk tsk' to some of their customers who are illegally downloading. Almost kind of funny.


@ Threeblackbirds:

I'm curious as to why Netflix has a high turnover rate. Are they employing mostly transients (college students, etc.) or are there more ominous reasons (working conditions, etc.).

I also think it's kind of funny that netflix asked about illegal downloading.

Huge Loser

Who cares what Netflix employees think? I hate to break this to you but 90% of the world hates their job and believes they are under paid/appreciated.

Go in, do your job, and if you do it better than the guy next to you then he'll get the axe before you. Quit the job or quit complaining.

To quote Dennis Leary, "Life sucks, wear a helmet"


Quote from person with url for name:

Jason said:
>And most certainly TV shows are not illegal to download as long as
>they are not DVD rips and are the show recorded from the TV airing.

That shows that Jason knows nothing about copyrights. There is no legal difference between downloading a "DVD rip" and something recorded from a TV airing. They are both copyright infringement.

End quote

Please read copyright law. I have studied the topic of recording television and distribution of said recordings in detail. It is stated quite clearly in the law that it is not illegal to record and distribute TV. This was upheld by the court system in a lawsuit agaist SONICblue which had set top device(s) that allowed users to record and share TV shows over the internet. The ruling was that there was no copyright infringement occurring as a result of using the device(s) features. I don't know how clearer you can get that it is not illegal to record TV and share those recordings.

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