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It never stopped working for me. So no.

Jonathan Trillo

Yup, I could log onto netflix in the outage too.

I believe everyone could if they just canceled the PSN sign in screen a couple of times.


At the very beginning of the outage, I couldn't log in, but by the next day, you could just cancel the PSN sign in. I'm not sure why it even needs to be set up with the PSN needed for Netflix.

Tony Rosano

With out a doubt We should be reimbursed. Because after the PSN went back up. the UI went back to that almost unusable interface "again". A discounted rate for using there downgraded service sounds reasonable.... and full price for full service. Its a real pain the procedures we have to go threw just to find a movie we want. I understand they are testing 3-4 different user interfaces.. how about we are giving the option to choose .. We can be happy and at the same time the mindless drones can have their UI too.


No. This was Sony's problem, not Netflix. Netflix is not a PS3 service, the PS3 is just one device you happen to be able to access them from. I have a web browser on my Wii - If Facebook was a paid service and I usually accessed it through my Wii and suddenly Nintendo had a browser malfunction for a few weeks should Facebook refund my imaginary money? There's a pretty good chance that anyone using Netflix through their PS3 had other options to stream movies during the outage.


Canceling the PSN sign in worked for me the entire time. Even if it didn't... I wouldn't expect a credit from Netflix. Frankly, I'm floored that Hulu is doing it.


Netflix worked for me using the sign in then back out method for the first 3 days PSN was down, then all of the sudden it stopped working. I attempted to use Netflix at least once every single day after ward, hoping that maybe it would suddenly begin working again, but it never did. Thank God, PSN is now up and Netflix is once again operational on my PS3. I celebrated by watching Iron Man: Extremis. Pretty cool stuff, though I admit to being a fan of motion comics...


No way in hell Netflix is even remotely responsible! PS3 users could have used the computer like the rest of the world.


Oh, but to answer the article's question, no, I don't expect a credit from Netflix.


Works great now if there was only something worth streaming.


@BP108 - Hehe, well, maybe NF will give me part of your instant queue, since I've been dying to extend mine, 500 just isn't enough!!


@BP108, so why are you here?


I had no problem using Netflix during the whole outage. I watched the rest of Avatar The Last Airbender, great cartoon.

The only annoying part was when I loaded Netflix I had to try to sign in twice and then back out and then it did not bug me anymore.


well there were alot of people that didn't have the brains to not just back out when it said that you had to be signed in


BP108, why are you with Netflix? All you do is rant against them and complain about them.


@Quentin2118 - It had nothing to do with brains. For me that method worked for about 3 days and then suddenly stopped working and never would again. I could get to the queue, but when I tried to start a title, I would get another login request and when I attempted login and backed out, I received a message from the Netflix app that PSN access was required and buffering of the title would stop. You shouldn't assume that people are stupid just because something didn't work for them when it worked for you.


singled out owners of Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in particular: Users that stream Netflix through their Xbox 360 consume about 80 GB of data per month on average.

Tell me that these data caps aren't going to effect Netflix users. The amount of consumption will only go up while the caps go down.

I have a feeling that alot of the streaming problems like the Sony one stated in this article all stem from the battle we're not hearing about.

Hunter Goatley

I've been able to use Netflix just fine during the outage until yesterday. The Netflix app told me the device and been deactivated. I logged back in to Netflix, but now it's insisting on talking to the PSN. Backing out of the sign-in error doesn't work for me anymore---the movie starts to buffer, then refuses to play because PSN is unreachable.

PSN still isn't available for me. It won't let me log on without changing my password via my PC, but attempts to do so have been met with "The server is currently down for maintenance."

So now I can't use Netflix or Hulu until....who knows when?

Laurie Power

I've had the same problem described above - never had issues with the outage until yesterday, just backed out when asked to sign in and it worked. Now I can choose a movie, only to have a dialog screen that tells me I need to sign in to Playstation Network, and when I try to change the password, I find the server is down.


I can't access Netflix with my pc because Linux isn't supported yet (I say "yet" with much hope for the future...), so yeah, I'd like a credit - sure! I think maybe Sony should reimburse Netflix to be truly fair, but either way I'm paying for a service I can't use. It's not a very good customer service policy to say "sucks for you, too bad," and then lay blame on the other company (I work in retail - "make it right" is our mantra).

I didn't break Playstation or Netflix - I just gave them money. It would be nice if both companies would so sweetly acknowledge that and fix it so I can find out if Battlestar Galactica ever found Earth!

Laurie Power

Success! I got it to work by creating a new Playstation account on the console and signing into Netflix with that. Movietime!!!

James Robertson

Individuals who were using the newest software for PS3 could not use the device to view Netflix during the outage. Netflix users who connected their accounts to a PS3 SHOULD be offered a credit through Netflix, at Sony's expense.


@ James Robertson:

I had the latest firmware on my PS3 and was able to use Netflix.

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