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Cubic Z

what is party movie watching?


A feature for Xbox Live, that allows up to 8 people to watch a movie at the same time hence "Party". This is huge addition too.


I hope that Netflix looks to expand this sort of "party" viewing to other platforms.

Think what it would be like if we knew that this show or that show could be watched by all interested folks at the same time! Perhaps it would be so popular that Netflix could create a magazine called "Television Guide" with lists of the times when shows started.

Ah, what the future holds for us!

Huge Loser

I don't see what kinda 'news' this is. That whole 'party watching' is dumb in my opinion. I get a smaller view screen and people talking during the movie, for what? To see a bunch of little cartoon chars clapping and hooting in the seats?

No thank you.

Now if Netflix had something like a date and time that it was going to air a semi-recent film that would only be available for that 'timeslot' .. then I would tune in to one of these party deals.


I don't get XBOX Party, or why i have to pay an extra 50 bucks a year to get Netflix! All I can find perusing all of the XBOX Marketplaces is advertising for me to buy something.

I have to pay to be advertised to? If i had known there was a membership fee I would have gone with a PS2.

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