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This happens to me. We have a spare computer hooked up to our living room tv and we put shortcuts to the kids shows on the desktop to make it easier. My daughter can't read, but can recognize the icons we added so she can switch shows when she wants. Clicking on them doesn't take us to the correct page a lot of the time. This seems to be a recent thing though. It was working fine before.


In the process of redirecting, my browser goes through a login page that goes by to quickly to see (http://www.netflix.com/Login?nextpage=http://movies.netflix.com/Queue#qtabs) which includes in its address the destination I asked for, but then it forgets about it and just sends me to the Wi home page.

Cubic Z

Yeah this is super annoying. I use a browser extension to be able to highlight a movie title and right click > search netflix for it and this started happening to me on the first search recently.

Lora Singleton

Yeah, I've been watching a multi-episode TV miniseries on streaming, a few episodes at a time. I just leave the page open in a tab and go back to it when I want to watch. Lately, though, when I come back after a few hours or a day or so and click Play on an episode, it just drops me back on the home page (can't remember offhand whether it was the main homepage or the streaming homepage, though). If I remember right, if I just clicked back in my browser and then clicked Play again, it worked.


Anyone able to access the parental controls page ? Not sure if it's related or not... Tried with Chrome and Firefox.


My webpage was acting funny too. I called customer service and they had me delete my netflix cookies and sign back in. Seemed to fix everything on my side. www.netflix.com/clearcookies

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