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in the past it has just moved TV to end of queue but yesterday it reorganized every one of 480 titles movie and TV. And when I add new titles to queue instead of putting them at the end they appear in some random place in the queue. Also when looking at queue in xbox you can tell it is reorganizing cause the queue keeps moving back and forth and becomes all most uncontrollable and hard to find something to watch cause every time I go to choose something it changes and then automatically moves to the changed title.


nickm - that's one of the three patterns I've seen. From what I can tell the order will be
1st - movies and feature length TV (may include movie collections)
2nd - TV series that aren't combined due to special circumstances (only one season usually or were previously combined due to short run or episode count)
3rd - combined shows

Other times the shows will be in a certain order. For me Indiana Jones was last, Numbers just before it, and others all in a specific order. This all started after Netflix realized there was a problem. It seems like a failed attempt and fixing the problem perhaps.

There are some issues that make the problem occur faster. The Roku seems to be one of them, and queue managers another. Especially queue managers that check in on their own like Feedfliks. With both disable Netflix seems to be able to keep things in place for me now. I know some higher ups have gotten involved at this point so they have at least acknowledged (albeit quietly) the problem.


When I last posted I deactivated all apps from the netflix site. So far my queue hasn't changed. I haven't gone this long without a queue reorder since it started happening.

The 3rd party apps have to be the cause.


This happens to me REPEATEDLY and it bugs the heck out of me !


i dont use third party apps and I still get reorganized.

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