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Jason Frovich

Its to bad, comment spam is so rampant. I'm thinking of just using facebook comments on my sites to deal with the spam.

Hope this works out for you.
Keep up the great work, love hearing about whats new at netflix.


Sad it came to this, but at least your allowing sign in via multiple sites. I'm tired of creating an account for everything I read ;)


This is, sadly, a necessary and good thing I think.

Though the fact this will be signed 'Facebook' is amusing. Yes, folks, just to be clear -- I'm speaking here on behalf of the 500,000,000 users of Facebook.



I think this is a good idea. I suspect there is a lot of astroturfing here.


Sounds okay to me!


Thanks Mike:

I believe many of us are glad to see the change.

Hacking never changes ;)


I can't say I blame you, but i won't be posting anymore until i can figure out how to continue with my original username. I hope i don't have to set up another email address.


Oh, this is going to be a whole "barrel of monkeys" type of fun. Good thing I've got a bunch of spare login's laying about.

formally known as dAVe


I'm not sure it will stop the crew that likes to come in and bash the company financials or the service itself. They (he) seem a pretty dedicated bunch to me, and I've never really noticed much in the way of spam here. But if we need to log in now so be it.

-Formerly 'ts'.


I blame this on Jolly. What a douchebag.


Hi Mike,

I'd ask that you make it 14 days before you lock as I don't always come around once a week. (have a life ya know!).


Hummm...so what have I been doing wrong all this time? I thought people always had to sign in to comment...


Sign in has always been an option, but now it is required.

And hey, no more captcha - gotta like that.


Thanks Mike!!!


Hey guys, what's goin' on?

Thanks for enabling openID login, Mike. It's a great system. I tried hard to find an out of the box OID server I could run at home or on my host but couldn't find one that I liked too much, so it's Google Auth for me. Yay!

No, I don't wear pocket protectors. Not for fun, anyway. :)


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