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If they start to offer My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic directly after it airs. I'm down.

As for netflix, well if they want to ignore 1+ million "bronies", fine. of course Hasbro hasn't done anything really with us asides a official music video.

Robert Woods

With rising competition of Amazon, Apple and others I hope NetFlix will speedily continue their efforts in streaming. They will need to stay well ahead of the game to keep their #1 spot.
They appear to be doing good, but it is still frustrating to have to keep the disk option in order to finish a series of movies or tv shows.


Amazon uses WP10 to stream things though. So techincally my Xbox is a streaming device but it's a giant pain in the butt. I have to open WMP, tell it to "Share video with the network" go down to my xbox, select the computer, hope it logs on. (Nevermind the fact that I use the Zune software to share my music, so now I'm sharing everything twice.)
Until they build a streaming App for a device it's really only an accident that it does it.


Still doesn't work with Tivo, so I'm out... I wonder if they will ever get it working?

Andy Cater

Not sure where they get 300 devices. On the amazon page these are the numbers I see:

21 TV's
7 set top boxes
20 Blu-ray Players
5 Digital Video Recorders


I buy a fair amount from Amazon, but not enough to fully justify a prime membership. If prime works on the Roku, it might be enough to change the equation.

Aubrey Turner

@gir: Prime works on the Roku. I've used it quite a bit since it came out. It even works in HD (I tested it using a preview/trailer for the British version of Being Human that was in HD).

So far, though, Netflix still wins in terms of usability and selection. The Prime interface on the Roku does not organize TV series in any rational way that I can determine, although it *does* list each season of a series as a single 'group' (unlike the recent annoying change in Netflix where all seasons of a series were glommed together). You really have to use the search interface to find what you're seeking. Although, I will note that the Amazon search feature has an advantage over the Netflix search on the Roku in that you can search for actors and not just titles.


Total fail. Netflix has already had these titles available for streaming for ages. Why would I pony up 80 bucks to Amazon for the same content? Follow the leader Amazon... Follow the leader..

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