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Why is my initial thought "Ugh, white tv will be ugly!"?

But then my second thought is "Their plan to blow away Netflix is to sell a TV with built in streaming Netflix?"

Dan Geiser

I think Apple's in for a big suprise. I hooked up my $79 Roku box to my 15 year old TV and skipped buying the new TV that cost hundreds of dollars. How exactly are they going to blow them away?


No wonder Samsung wants a name on their TV besides their own: http://www.consumeraffairs.com/home_electronics/samsung_tv.html

James Heartney

I imagine the idea is to hook it up with iCloud and iTunes to allow you buy programs through the iTunes store which are then stored in iCloud for you to watch. This way they don't need to provide local storage on the TV.

Unless they are planning a subscription service I don't see them even competing with Netflix. The problem with pay-per-view models is you are penalizing your customers for using your service - the more they use it, the more they have to pay. By contrast, a subscription encourages customers to use the service so much they become completely dependent on it.

Given their track record I wouldn't count Apple out on this (or anything else). But I'm not seeing a viable business proposition in this brief description.


Kind of an odd rumor since Apple TV now has Netflix built-in.

Not really sure what Apple could add to the TV sector to make consumers want an Apple television.

Perhaps if you melded this with the rumors of Apple TV turning into a more iTouch like interface and compatibility. I don't know. I guess it's possible.


A physical HDTV with Apple & iTunes inside? Pass. Check that to "Hells no!" The last thing I want to do when I turn on my HDTV is to be constantly downloading & installing the lastest iTunes software. Excuse me, I just threw up a little bit in my mouth...

Lars Solunar

I can't see a reason that Apple would blow away anyone since they don't really compete. Is Apple planning a new subscription based unlimited content delivery? Because if they just plan on branding a TV with their logo and slapping some iOS nonsense in it then it isn't really competing in any way.

Also, I agree with the ugly white TV comment.

One last thing. Why would Samsung make Apple a TV? Apple is currently suing them. I can't imagine they would want to cooperate in any new contracts.


Like they blew Microsoft away? Like they blew Google/Android away? I think not. Apple comes up w/ cool new toys and packages and markets them well. Lots of people buy them making Apple rich. All this is true. But those toys are then copied and improved upon by others often times making them better and usually cheaper. And in the case of NF they aren't copying anything; they were first. Apple will not be blowing NF away anytime soon if ever. Pure hyperbole.


Very few Apple products are white. (I can think of three and two of those also come in black.) Isn't it much more likely an Apple HDTV would be aluminum and black glass like the iMac and Cinema Displays? Besides, this is merely rumor.


good luck with that

Robert Emmerich

iTV = iMac and iPad w/ 32" screen

Sony is coming out with a 3D "Playstation" branded tv. Sony has a "Dash" alarm clock. Nintedno's upcoming WiiU has a tablet like controller which can be used for viewing video (at least that's what the trailers look like). Apple has sold over 10 MILLION iPads and lots of iMacs. An Apple "tv" would probably just be an 32" iMac like display computer that looks nice and shiny like an iPad. I don't doubt this at all.


James Heartney:
> The problem with pay-per-view models is you are penalizing your customers for using your service - the more they use it, the more they have to pay.

However, if you charge low enough, they still have to pay less than the subscription amount.

I would far prefer a pay per show model IF it were cheap enough (e.g. literally nickel and diming for shows). I really don't want to figure out how much I've paid per disc from netflix over the years since I have gone a long time without using it sometimes (since I Tivo a lot of TV shows that will never get on netflix).

Don't get me wrong - at current rates, I far prefer subscription model.. But with some kind of sane pricing, pay per view could be reasonable, IMHO.

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