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I like this idea for sorting profile queues -- but at the moment there are big limitations not all the items from Netflix appear on the Flixfamily site so you cannot sort them -- many of my TV and Movies from My Netflix Queue don't appear in the Flixfamily Queues or in the search queue from Flixfamily. I cannot see paying for it unless they get all the bugs out first.

Scott Chaney

Lynne, We have to rely on the Netflix database they make available to developers. We are working on solutions that would bring that data more in line with what shows up on the Netflix site. Scott - FlixFamily.com

Ron Moses

So I can't even look at the site to see what they're about, or maybe read a FAQ, without giving them my email address and creating an account? No thanks.

Scott Chaney

Lynne, I should also mention that FlixFamily doesn't have to be a direct substitute UI for Netflix. You can still use Netflix to select those titles you want to watch and then go into FlixFamily to allocate them between your various queues.

Scott Chaney

Ron, you need a login to identify and protect the queues you create. We hope to have a video showing how FlixFamily works available in a few weeks.


Thanks Scott for the feedback -- but unless I can sort majority of my Netflix Queue in the different profile queues in FlixFamily at the end of the month -- I won't be purchasing it. But I do appreciate the feedback and hope you can get it more workable within the month for I like the idea of different profile sortable queues! :-)

Matthew Sweeney00

I've played around with this for awhile and still can't figure out how to access my queue so I can sort it. I have allowed access to my Netflix account.

Scott Chaney

Matthew, or anyone else who would like personal assistance, please contact me at [email protected] But to answer your question directly Matthew, just select the "Netflix Q" subaccount after you login and then click on "Allocate to other Qs" link.


Finally a group of developers that understand what "user friendly" really means.


Irrespective of any current implementation issues, this is a really neat idea. I hope they're very successful with it.


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