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Only one (not including PCs) but I consider myself atypical. I try to avoid buying things I don't really need.

And FWIW my philosophy for needing a player at all; if you're going to subscribe to NetFlix, you need at least one NetFlix player (connected to your television) to maximize the value of the subscription.

Dylan Nicolle

>more than 400 Netflix-ready devices

Yet subtitles currently work on only 6 devices. I'm sure they're making progress but they sure seem to be taking their sweet time.

-disgruntled deaf Roku owner

Kenny Johnson

Let's See:
3 Rokus
2 Android Phones
1 BD Player
1 iPod Touch

So 8 including my PC.

only 4 are connected to a TV though.

Huge Loser

1 computer, XBox 360. So I guess I have two -- I personally think 10 is a high number


Including the computers in the house, we own 4 devices for a family of 3 adults. We are considering adding some Roku boxes in the mix as well as possibly updating to an android phone on my business line. That would bring us up to 8 devices.


3 Android Phones
1 iPhone
2 iPads
3 Xbox 360s
1 PS3
2 Wiis
8 Desktop PCs
3 Laptops
2 BD Players
16 Servers (Capable, but not what they're used for)
Oh, and one Roku still in the box (won it)
So... 43?


1 roku
1 desktop

Brandon Barkley

6 computers (only four would realistically ever be used for it though)
1 Wii
1 BD Player

Fred Talmadge

Since I can't get broadband, I have 0 devices.


Other than two PCs with different ISPs (I don't stream with either), none. And I plan on keeping it that way. Streaming for this increasing marginalized DVD-by-mail Netflix customer is a non-issue.

Joe Siegler

Thirteen, although in all fairness, the one we use most regularly is the Sony Blu-Ray player. Occasionally TiVo. These others are capable, but I almost never use them for Netflix.

Xbox 360
Sony Blu-Ray Player
Tivo 2
My iPad
Wife's iPad
iPod Touch
iPod Touch 2
PC 2


Let's see, Devices with Netflix support:
-3 Rokus
-3 Window PCs
-1 Mac
-1 Xbox 360
-1 Wii
-2 iPod Touches
-1 Android Device

That's 12 devices.

Devices I wish had Netflix support:
- My Linux Laptop running Ubuntu 11.04 and XBMC with an External HardDrive Full of DVD Rips and Hulu Desktop. I love Linux and prefer using it but I wish I could use Netflix with it. Here's hoping for Netflix HTML5 player (I don't care if it's a Chrome/Chromium Exclusive)

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