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I don't know if this is true across in general but I've noticed the Hulu has become very choppy about their updates on series. SGU and Sanctuary for example went for months with no new episodes, then suddenly 4 or 5 episodes show up at once. There also seems to be a lot less activity in general (few additions of good old series). It just feels like they've lost interest; they aren't even trying anymore.

Robert Emmerich

Hulu not owned by networks = portal to CBS, SyFy etc with lots and lots of banner ads. I could see why Yahoo or AOL migth want to buy this.


I have never even tried Hulu.

Whats the big deal ? At least with netflix, I dont have to watch commercials.


Hulu is a small deal now, but a couple years ago when the streaming universe was a lot smaller Hulu was an early contender. Hulu carried many shows that weren't on NetFlix. Even for NetFlix customers it was a nice complement, and it was FREE (and only had few 30 seconds commercials per episode).

Even now Hulu carries shows that aren't on NetFlix, but breaks are much longer (2 minutes of commercials per break is common) and they seem to be losing it in other ways.


rjm -- I have only VERY rarely used Hulu, but the "big deal" is as gir notes -- they have lots of stuff that netflix doesn't have.

Yes, I wish Netflix got it all (even a year later), but things like reality shows tend to not rerun, and hulu seems to be the only place you can get the *network* ones. Yes, I know most people think reality shows are junk.

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