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This is code to Los Gatos politicians to bend over and give Netflix whatever it wants in terms of its building plans. And of course they will.

It would be nice to see a major company not bully a small municipality into getting what it wants without regard for the local community but it never happens.


SPLG - I'd take the bullying for jobs any day. My home town would suit Netflix just fine if they decide to move.

I do get your point however that the companies don't need the money. In the end the taxpayers foot too much of the costs when companies haggle like this. A more even tax code would help.

As far as zoning codes on what they can and can't build, then I have little concern. Eye sores and noise are a small price to pay for the jobs. Kind of like people who buy houses next to airports and then want the airport to sound proof itself. Sometimes you have to accept the trade offs. As I said before, there are many small towns that would love the employment if Los Gatos decides it too pretty to house them.

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