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Yeah, I've been trying to make my way through Sports Night, and last night I tried to cue up the next episode, but it was being treated like a movie instead of a TV series. It was only willing to play S01E01. It finally worked itself out after a few hours, except the second season is now no longer available.

So, maybe its all weirdness b/c they are adding/subtracting content.

Mark Dancer

My wife is watching Bones, and she had reached a point in the second season where some episodes are showing up as "not available". She watches on the iPad.


I've been getting it too. Rebooting my Roku usually helps but sometimes it doesn't.


I had problems streaming some of the marvel motion comics onto my 360. They worked on the pc, but not 360. About 2 weeks after they were added to the PC, they were added to the 360 though...


I have a netflix ready samsung bluray player. Once in a long while I'll get a playback error that something can't be played but, powering off and on again fixes it. Once something would play for 24 hours but I could watch it on my pc from firefox. Outside of these rare occasions I have had extremely satisfying experiences using it for all of my instant watching.

Ron Moses

I've found one title, Make-Out With Violence, that will actually hose a Roku's ability to display the Instant Queue in the Netflix channel. Boy, was that a freakin' needle in a haystack!

Warren Van Orden

Using LG BD570 Network Blu-ray Disc Player

Trying to watch "Swimming Pool"

Get "currently not available, try later", was able to watch a few others.

I WAS able to stream Swimming Pool on my computer.


just came home from work & EVERY show is only showing a 'play' button which starts off with Sea1 Ep1....:o/ cmon netflix....work with us!


on Roku!


it happen to me today. was watching torchwood then went to do something , came back and when to look it up it said unavailable. went and watched something else.


& also i have my quality settings at 'better' & wuz getting 3 bars on Roku...now i'm getting 2 bars only on NF??!! Picture has been horrible. Guess I'll change to best & see what happens. I get 4 bars on Amazon.


I too am having the same troubles with my roku where some tv shows will not work last night while I watching that 70's show one episode played fine but after that one it just said content no available. I am too seeing more and more problems with the stream lately I wonder if their servers are just getting way overloaded


yes, on roku. But you just go back to the show main page and hit play and eventually after a few times it'll work.

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