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John McLachlan

been down for a good hour at least...


No Netflix website

Lindsay Z

The website has a message stating it's unavailable but that DVDs are still being shipped and you can still stream instantly. It took several minutes for Netflix to even come up on our PS3, though, and it's nowhere near fully loaded even after 10 minutes.

The different categories have "We're having trouble accessing these titles for you right now. Please try again later."

Mac Fry

I was watching a flick on my iPhone app, when the speed doubled, leaving the audio behind and then everything stopped. Rebooted my phone and now instead of logging in, it tells me it is temporarily unable to connect to netflix.


Just finished watching an episode of Dexter on my Roku box...never had an issue.


Not working here on computer, ipad and sony media player. NF is on fuego this week with the bad news. When it rains, it pours.


Neither website or streaming on my Samsung Blu-ray player.


I just got off the phone with them about 4 minutes ago and they said they "expect to be up within an hour."

Stewart James

Not working here either. The service has been down an awful lot lately. What the heck is their problem?

Franklin Fomby


Lee Thornburg

No website and no streaming on my ps3. Gonna try the wii and see if I have better luck.

Yes! The wii streaming works!


Everything seems fine to me. I can log into the site and I never had a problem streaming any video today. I have been using it all day.


Netflix is down here in Boca Raton, FL

Brandon Welch


That's what I'm getting


I haven't been able to get to the web site for the past hour.

However, my Roku is streaming Mission: Impossible, Season 6, Episode 21 and now Episode 22 just fine.

On June 15 I got "content unavailable" for all multi-episode titles in my Roku here in Oregon, but people in other states were streaming just fine. It was fine the next day. Ironic that now I'm doing just fine and others are having the problems. However, it wouldn't surprise me if it dies with Season 7, Episode 1.

Daniel Yoney

I can watch it on x-box live. At first there was only the instant que, but I signed out and back in and haven't had a problem since. However I can't access on my pc.


Netflix website JUST starting working with me. Real slow still but streaming as I type this.


No Netflix for me either. Facebook's been posting about it for awhile too.

Matthew Sweeney00

I wasn't able to access it either about an hour or so ago but it's back up now, at least in NYC.

James Cook

Web site slow to respond from San Jose, CA. Streaming from a Sony Blu-ray was busted as of 20 minutes ago, lots of error 300, error 600. It makes sense that people in the middle of a stream would be unaffected by a central outage, as the video itself comes off a content distribution network, likely near each customer's ISP.

I've also been having intermittent problems loading episodes from Jackie Chan Adventures - a multi-season cartoon show - over the last week.


It was down, but back up for me at 9:25pm MST :D


Working fine for us via Wii.


Been struggling with it for about 2 hours and then, it just died on my laptop and then also at the site.

Matt Lewis

I'm in Boston. Can't access from my iphone or my Mac PC. The fate of the Battle Star Galactica is on the line here people! It's 11:55pm. Hope it's up soon.


The website is crawling, but appears to be working.

The API is having issues too.

Matt Lewis

Yep. Working again! Yeah!


I've been watching on the Roku all evening. Netflix seems to be fine in Tucson AZ. I better knock on wood!


just an fyi, it's back up but Starz Play has been cut down to 2 pages instead of the like 20 pages it was at yesterday...


The website seems back to normal now.


so i was getting that error last night .
thinking it was my isp...nope netflix again

Ron Moses

I was hoping maybe they were rolling back the god-awful site redesign. Guess not. :(


I got a new Roku XD over the weekend and I was streaming Netflix all night on it without issue. Wasn't aware there was a problem until this morning.


you people need to get a life!! There is other things to do then stream movies what a bunch of losers!! When Streamflix goes down what are you people going to do?


You get what you pay for. It's all down hill from here. Especially on content expect older and older titles and less of it.


The website was down for me. I tired to get on with my app, then PS3 but none of them worked. Weird thing was tivo worked fine.

Ben Margolin

Streams work on my Macs, but don't on my iPad, 360, or Apple TV. Grrr...

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