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For all the spite I have for Reed Hastings and how much I disagree with the business model he's built. I will say the guy is a bonus to FB and as far as his vision and abilities he's top notch. This guy has transformed an entire industry (whether for the good or bad) he's a force to be recond with.


I despise Facebook. I do not use it, and I do not want to see tighter integration between it and Netflix, nor do I care to think about Facebook adding movie rental information to its database of user profiles. It's none of their business. I wonder exactly how chummy the information exchange will be?


He should probably spend less time joining other companies' boards and more time not ruining Netflix.

All of the moves that Netflix has made in the last two or three months have been horrifically terrible. Netflix's fans universally hate them.

Edward R Murrow

What with the smooth operation of Netflix streaming, he must have time on his hands.

By the way, how does Facebook earn money? Selling members information?


This doesn't surprise me with Netflix recently announcing they're interested in Facebook integration when they've been heading in the opposite direction for awhile.

When Hastings joined the Microsoft board, they went with Microsoft Silverlight even though it was behind other video platforms. Now suddenly they're interested in Facebook after killing just about every social feature. Sometimes Netflix strategy is just based on Hastings making his business friends happy.


With the recent changes to Netflix's website I have lost a lot of respect for Hastings, Hastings joining the Facebook board is nothing more than making more mony for neflix. Netflix use to have it's own social features but they were removed a few years ago because they didn't generate any revenue, with Netflix joining forces with Facebook they can hare revenue.

This idea that people will spend money to watch movies on social websites(YouTube, Facebook, etc) will not happen.

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