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That's a crazy good amount. It's becoming a very realistic number, and it's certainly good you can reactivate dead computers/devices as you go along.

Eventually, I hope to be able to have Netflix streaming no matter where I am. They're making that happen.


> How many Netflix-ready devices do you have?

Including computers?

9. So far. More coming soon.


13. Several which were deactivated due to limits. Not any more! :)


I would assume you can only stream on one or two at a time? I have 4 that are capable of streaming not including PC's.


I'm guessing since practically everything will be streaming Netflix including toilets, they had to increase the number of registered devices. Everything from TV's to toasters now stream Netflix which is just incredible. Now I can add all the ipod touches my family owns and a few other devices cause we were maxed at 6.


i watched a movie in the toilet bowl yesterday


Sounds perfect for sharing your account with your friends in Tennessee. Oh wait ...


I think I only use four. Fifty sounds like an awful lot.


Wow, it's great to read news of Netflix actually adding features instead of slowly eroding them. I have about 10 different ones that I can use, but I usually only use 4 (one of them doesn't play HD content in sync, another doesn't like shows with over 100 episodes) because I got tired of activating stuff.


15 and that includes 4 computers I've never even tried to load the netflix software on. So I have 11 non-computer devices. So now I can just go activate them all, and not have to play the activate/de-activate game. Of course not all of them get used all the time (each TV has at least two devices), but hey that's not really relevant. Any device will at least be available if that's the one you want to stream to.

Netflix probably picked some high number, like 50, fully realizing (they have records) that nobody uses more than 4 devices simultaneously on any one account.


"i watched a movie in the toilet bowl yesterday"

Yeah but you know what they say, Same "stuff" - different day!



For me it has been as many as 10 PCs and other devices combined. Lets take a look at this and see the average joe so to speak. You got the average of 2 PCs per household, average of 3 TVs per household, average of 1 laptop per household, and an undetermined number of smartphones per household. So that is an average of at least 6 potential devices capable of watching netflix not counting watching with your account when over friends houses on their PCs and/or TVs. Or on a PC while at work during lunch. Or while on vacation with a PC at you own at your summer home or something like that. There is still the simultaneous limit based on your plan so increasing the activated devices allowed to stream simply makes things easier for the customer so they don't have to keep adding and removing devices from the allowed list when watching at a friends house or something.


That would be great.
I have four 360's, two PS3, a Wii, three PC's, a Laptop and two Blu-Ray players with built in Netflix. It would be great if I could add all of them.


Previously, I thought the number was unreasonably low, given that you can set up a ton of Netflix ready devices, but you wouldn't exactly be streaming from multiples at a time. 50 would be handy.


Wonder if this has anything to do with the outage where I had to try and register a half dozen times using new passwords until I gave up ?

I just use my Roku. And I have my desktop although I don't watch from it anymore.


Damn, that see seems like overkill. Who would have that many streaming devices?


I have 7, I tought when I added my EVO the other day that I was over. This is great.

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