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Anthony Hayes

Thanks for all of the great posts. :) We appreciate it. Crap that's a random list of new releases... lol.


having major issues with Nf on roku...either a title says 'content unavailable' or i can't access specific ep's, just a 'play' for shows....??!!

Jeremy Bateman

Can someone please tell me how Netflix organized its new arrivals: movies. I know that Ip man 2 and Iron man 2 are new and are on there but they are not showing up. Any ideas on why that would be? I am using Google TV app on sony tv. I decided to see if I could find Ip Man 2 by searching the genres and new releases but nothing. I have to type it in for it to be found.

Let me know if you have any ideas.


I had a 'content unavailable' on a TV series in my queue (ROKU box). I had already watched several episodes.

I found that, if I did a search for that title, the result was my queued list on the 'next' episode and all episodes were listed.

Netflix does seem to be having many problems with the queue.

I have noticed in both DVD and streaming queues titles I did NOT queue. I have also noticed a few titles completely disappeared -- I assume caused by contractual issues.


Your Cyrus link is incorrect. It is the Horror film, not the comedy that is new this week. Search for "Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer".

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