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is this the best they can do
for streaming?


All these new streaming deals and so few include HD?

With all those blu-ray players with Netflix streaming you'd think it'd be a priority....

Tim Terford

Alkalita, are you a troll? They added more than 1000 streaming titles in the past week!


All the Miramax titles appear to be HD, but any of them shot in the 2.35 aspect ratio have been panned & scanned to fit 16:9 screens. Lame! You think people would have come around to letterboxing by now

Edward R Murrow

This is pretty cool - Pulp Fiction, A Hard Day's Night: Collector's Series, Reservoir Dogs

Cubic Z

Thank you for separating out the streaming releases! I hope you continue to do this.


I noticed some of those exercise videos were set to expire from streaming, and have been in the past, but are always extended.

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