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ZarathustrA Tek

Haha! This company really is amazing.

Right after their last news report topped out at 5,000 comments, most of which were angry.

Self immolation.


Yet we were just talking about their renewed interest in Facebook integration? Guess not.


What incentive do I really have anymore to write reviews? Now there is no link to my review page ANYWHERE on the site. I think it takes all of the fun out of it to have them be anonymous. Netflix FAIL.


You forgot to mention Netflix calls this a "Minor" change that effects "2%" of Netflix users. Of course that 2% are the heaviest users, who also happen to provide probably 98% of the reviews written. Details not relevant I guess ...

After 1,500 reviews written over a decade, I get the message - no more reviews from me on Netlix!


Once again, this wouldn't upset me if they had an improvement / replacement / alternate in place. But instead, Netflix kills off another feature they never once promoted or improved, saying "no one used it". Maybe if you had encouraged people to use it or made it more worth using after all these years... ?

Nic Peterson 9

Soooo annoying. It is always a blast when you get a sniff of homophobia from a review or some other such nonsense and than you can track down there other mouth farts all over netflix. Or on the opposite end when you find a well written funny review(See the top review on The Octagon) you can find more. lame netflix, very lame.


Netflix sure uses a decidedly strange metric to describe getting rid of something people have used as an improvement.


I agree with Rawmeatcritic's comment above. Why does Netflix seem to be going downhill in the last year or so?

Smy Lee

It's about control. They'll be able to stop all the review protests. There's already precious little options to make your opinions on their policies known.

It's similar to how EA envelops the forums and blogs of the development companies they buy, brings them in-house to their servers, and then bans accounts while deleting critical comments from their forums.

Miss Q

Real nice Netflix. Ugh.

John McLachlan

I have to agree with SuperScuba. I used to post reviews. But now after watching a good movie I'll go to the movie page to find dozens if not hundreds of reviews, and I don't really feel inspired to add to that, so my personal reviewing days are pretty much over. The only thing I might review are the small indie films.


I would have used them if I ever could have found out how!


Along the lines of reviews, I just wish they'd change their star ratings system. There should be something between "didn't like it" and "like it", like "it's alright" instead of the two more very positive choices after "like it". What's the difference between "really liked it" and "loved it"?


Removing the avatars I can understand. But the names? A lot of people who contribute content like reviews take pride in their work, and want others who have similar tastes to be able to follow their contributions. Netflix just made this impossible, and I bet this will cut down on the number of new reviews they get. Is this their intent?


They removed reviews from the API, and now this. Netflix clearly "owns" your reviews, and now don't even attribute them to you.

Maybe this is just in preparation of switching to Facebook profiles. If so, they should just do it all at once instead of making people temporarily upset.


Less monies means less service. Increased cost for them means increased cost for you.

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