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Who cares! All i care about is getting blu-rays!

Anthony Hayes

Ip Man is good... REALLY good. What's this "Blu-ray" people keep talking about? :)


Blu-ray my friend is the best way to watch a movie. If you had a very nice tv with 1080p you would never want to stream the crap streamflix put out there. picture is pure shit

Anthony Hayes

Well for me, an HD stream or download is the way to go. I'm over discs... but to each their own!


true when i want to watch something i stream it better than waiting for the mailman .


Did ever hear of a store where you could get blu-ray oh wait you stream don't have to leave the house good to know.


Cool I am glad that netflix streaming is getting more martial arts flix. Reminds me of the days of samurai sunday ;-)


I have to agree with Anthony's comment. I recently watched both 'IP Man' and 'IP Man 2' and found both to be amazing films. My initial interest came from seeing high scores on Rotten Tomatoes. Both are excellent.

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