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The Wallstreet cartel keeps on chugging along. Reed keeps getting his $1.5M a month and diluting the stock. Netflix continues to deceive investors. Investment firms like Goldman Sacs and Credit Suiess keep driving this stock where they want it to go and the SEC turns a blind eye to all of it. Welcome to the new white collar crime in America.

Robert Emmerich

"Welcome to the new white collar crime in America."

If by "new" you mean 200 hundred years old then yes, NF invented white collar crime.

It does boggle my mind that NF shares are worth TEN TIMES Microsofts. I love NF and hate Microsof but NF at $270 and MS at $25 makes me realize I don't understand any of this.

Rob Fagen

Ok. I was going to bite my tongue, but then it started to bleed.

@Johnson1965Tony: Reed isn't diluting the stock by exercising his options. He would be if they were issuing new stock to fulfill the option exercise, but I'm pretty certain it's coming out of treasury stock. If you want to be a snarky doom-and-gloomer, the proper argument is that the share buybacks which are replenishing the treasury are at an unconscionably high price and that the company's cash is better used elsewhere. Your comment that Netflix is being deceptive in its accounting practices is unfounded (unless you have some evidence that nobody else has seen). I'll admit that GS and CS may be working the market pretty hard for some reason, but nobody is holding a gun to the head of the traders on the other end of the brokerage's trades. It's very hard to steal from someone in the markets, unless they're willfully ignorant, greedy or both.

@Robert Emmerich: Netflix per share price is indeed 10x Microsoft's. The more important comparison here is total market capitalization (share price * number of shares). Netflix = 14B, Microsoft = 210B. Microsoft is worth about 15x. Is your mind unboggled now?

Sandra Bellezza

Really? We're back on this again? I guess we're only getting about a week's worth of peace from this drivel. I had reduced the amount of times came to this site because of this banter, I was delighted to see the moderator put the brakes on it, not it appears to have resurfaced. I really don't want to stop using this site, I fear I may have to.

Edward R Murrow

Looks like Hulu just signed the same deal with Miramax that Netflix did. I'm surprised that it's taken this long for other competitors to jump into the streaming market in a significant way.

One man's box of kleenex is another man's box of tissues. And please don't make me explain Marketing 101, no barriers of entering a market and zero value of branding when the competition sells the exact same product.


@Rob Fagan I believe it is founded about their deceptive business practices. They even write books about it.

Specifically states Netflix


Also Rob the only reason your tounges bleeding is because you worked for Netflix for many years. You also own stock in Netflix from your years of employment there.


Here's a quote from investors on yahoo finance....

"This action is messed up even for the WS boys. I mean they are crooks, but something is up here that is starting to make Enron look like childs play."

I don't think I'm the only one who thinks the SEC needs to step in.

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