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Cocoa Magic

Not too bad. Just their DVD new releases section can be a drag. Hopped onto http://www.filmcrave.com/dvd_new.php and it solved most of my problems.

John White

It would be more appropriate to start asking if anyone is NOT having streaming problems tonight. It seems like this is becoming an everyday thing.

I used to get flawless results with my Roku. Those days appear to be over. I can't tell you the last time I was able to watch anything in HD for more than 60 seconds.

Most evenings I start out at 3 dots and within 5 minutes it rebuffers to 2. Even at 2 dots, a 40 minute show is interrupted to rebuffer at least twice. Sometimes while rebuffering, I will get kicked back out to the menu.

In addition, within the last week, even Netflix.com isn't working half the time.

I can stream Amazon content in HD without interruption. My 50/5 internet connection tests fine and I am able to download and stream other content quick as a wink. It's just Netflix.

If things don't improve soon, as much as I have loved Netflix IW over the last year or so, I think I'll have to quit using it because it is just too frustrating. The crappy 2 dot quality looks worse than OTA programming on an old rabbit-ears tube TV.

Needless to say, I'm ramping up the disc usage again.


Indeed. Using (or, more accurately, not using) a Sony BD player. Just flat out not working. But I did have discs from Netflix laying around. Still, if they want to push towards streaming, it'd be nice if it actually worked.

Brandon Barkley

Using a PC, I was able to stream a movie from 8-10PM last night without any rebuffering issues.

Brian Robinson

My issue has been that I can't get the streaming content to synch. The dialogue has been off for the past week or two, which makes EVERYTHING I watch unbearable because it distracts me from paying attention. (This is the same reason I could never stand 'dubbed in English' movies...I spend the entire time watching how well or badly the words match the lips or don't.

Plus getting hiccups and freezes constantly.


I streamed three half-hour TV shows last night. Other than getting good (2-dot) quality instead of better quality I didn't have any issues.

That said, not-so-good quality is reason enough to look for something else to watch.


zero problems watching 2 40+minute tv shows between 9:30-11:30pm mt. Using AppleTV2 device.


I wanted to watch a show that is due to expire on the first with two days warning. "Content not available" on the Roku. I was able to watch it on my ipad. I was a big fan of Netflix but not anymore. I have added nothing to my queue for weeks. Seniors are big users but they seem to be forgetting about us when they add content. If Amazon should come to the Ipad I would switch right away. I wouldn't miss the dvds because, once again, they are adding nothing I want to see.


PS. I have complained three times about the volume of the 9-11 Commission and it is still just a whisper. Of course no cc.


i had some in the afternoon on my roku but if i have a problem i just go over to hulu plus and i watch some family guy. i think its time for a roku update.

Tarrick Grant

I had a problem that started yesterday. I'm accessing Netflix from within window media center. It works if I use any internet browser but, not from within WMC. Currently, I'm using kylo browser from within WMC and it works but I don't like it.


I also use netflix with WMC. Doesn't work due to "authorization failure."

I called them yesterday and they said it was a MS isse and that MS is working on it.

NF work in the browser though.

John Darcy

I have had the same problem with netflix/wmc with apologies and failing to authenticate ....though i show being signed in on the interface and it is only when i try to 'play' the movie. i just started it one night and it was as always, perfect. next morning, no go and no help. frustrating. i have other ways to get the netflix, but the total lack of support by both places and pointing at each other, knowing there is no help. it is insulting. i have just downgrade my netflix, and saving almost 10/month and still getting unlimited service. one time of treating me as a nuisance for my 25bucks a month and i scale back. all i needed was an honest response. not even a fix and the policy is to insult my intelligence with the finger pointing reply.
i have found some possible fixes for some at prickly tech via a google. i had no luck with either provider of software or service. fools, next is to quit both


I was getting the "Content Not Available" error this afternoon.

Per the NetflixHelp suggestion, I unplugged ROKU for 20 seconds. Plugged it back in and gave it time to load up.

Content is magically available again!


Oh well, day number two, down again. This is becoming an all too regular occurrence. Monopolies are never a good thing. Someone please compete with Netflix. Their regular outages, removal of features and general arrogant attitude towards their customers is getting really old. I don't want to cancel, but they are slowly but surely pushing me in that direction. Now it's time for the "mine's working fine" and "Netflix rocks, get a life" crowd to chime in. Carry on!


Mine's working fine. NetFlix Rocks. [I'd say get a life, but that'd imply you should do something other than watch streaming which is incompatible with the other two statements so I won't.]

I don't think NetFlix is a monopoly. There are plenty of competitors to NetFlix streaming (Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime) and they are only a little behind. Streaming has only been a "thing" for about two years; can't be further behind than that.

Besides, NetFlix has always been arrogant towards their customers, even back in 2001 when they were tiny. I remember when they changed their return policy (limiting and later removing the "I mailed it" feature) without so much as a FYI e-mail, let alone advanced notice.


mine was neither here or there


Regarding the WMC Authorization Failure problem that started a few days ago for me and many others using WMC:

"Our apologies -- we could not authenticate this request"

A Netflix representative told me today that they have gotten many complaints and confirm the problem exists. He stated their engineers are working on a solution with Microsoft but could not give a time frame for resolution.

Chris Ingham

My Netflix plugin in Windows Media Center quit a couple of days ago. I tried every solution found on the web and nothing fixed it. Come on, Netflix! I'd hate to cancel my membership but I will if this 'authorization failure' is not fixed soon.


Follow up on WMC and Netflix problem described above. I just tried it again and WMC asked for the Netflix login and then everything worked fine. Did they fix the problem affecting all WMC Netflix users or just me?


FWIW: It appears that some (maybe most) content is not currently available at all streaming bitrates.

For the past several days, with my quality preference set to better quality I have not been able to get better than 2 dots on my Roku. In an attempt to get 3 dots I set my video preference to best quality and used the secret screen on my Roku to force 1.2 mbps bitrate. As soon as I did that many titles showed up 'content unavailable'. As soon as I reset to automatic on my Roku the titles came back.

I can watch at four dots and two dots - three dot bitrates simply aren't there.

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