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Muz Husain

Yep, getting an unresponsive DNS message. Lame.


No problem to reach Netflix.com (from France).


YES. What is wrong with them lately?!
I had been getting a regular old 404 error, but now I'm experiencing something even weirder/more annoying where I type netflix.com into the url bar and it treats it as if I had typed a non-URL up there and does a google search for it. WTF.


couldn't access the instant queue from my BD player last night. Called for support and gave up before they answered.

M Ride Flock

I got on my cell phone and did my que for dvd's i'm in anchorage alaska and lost it yesterday


No problem reaching the site but my queue seems to be braindead/delayed in removing returned discs and showing the new one as shipped.

Charles Woods

My queue is acting weird. Two disks that I received today dropped out of my at home list with a message saying two more will be shipped when possible.


Having problems accessing instant queue with Magnavox Blu-Ray.


No problem getting to the site but cannot access Netflix on PS3 tonight.


I probably didn't try getting to the website when it was down, but yesterday and today I noticed anomalies in the "At Home" section of my Netflix DVD queue: movies that had already shipped are still showing as "processing", and discs that they had received today still show as "at home".

However, when I click on "show all DVD activities" link, it does correctly show the dates the discs shipped and the dates they were returned, including the disc that was scanned in this morning as having been received today.

I'm going to chalk up the anomalies on the "At home" section of the Netflix DVD Queue as a display problem and not worry too much about it.


Worked out the instant queue problem (with support) for my BD player. Top Gear was known to cause a problem. Removed it from the queue and everything works.

Netflix either changed the Top Gear listing or how the queue functions. Top Gear had been in my queue for several months. It seems to have been pulled from streaming now. I wonder if there are other titles that will kill the queue.


Update on Netflix DVD Queue: The "At home" section is now finally displaying what I would expect it to display: no phantom "processing" lines, the scanned in discs are removed from that display. However, the real test will be tomorrow when they should receive a couple of discs and ship a couple of discs. (What they scanned in this morning was a disc that was shipped from a remote processing center in addition to my 6 out, so they aren't shipping any discs to me today.)


@Mark12547 -- My Netflix Queue had the same problem not registering the DVD received and one sent out. But My accounting under report a problem did registered the correct shipping and receiving dates of the DVDs to and from Netflix. Some current snag with their website at the moment.

Edward R Murrow

So has Netflix communicated root cause of these ongoing streaming issues? Is it coding defects or operations?


I've been having some troubles with watching certain tv shows today with my roku. I try watching them on the pc they work just fine so not sure whats up with the instant watch again. They sure been having problems with it lately.


I'm not having problems with the site in general, but the reviews have been having problems for WEEKS.. Most of the times they don't show up on the first try.. Up until a few days ago, reloading once or twice would work.. but yesterday & today, I haven't seen them show up at all. (I wanted to read reviews AFTER I finished watching 500 days of summer.)


posted b4 but NF on Roku is acting up bad...'content unavailable' or just a 'play' button but can't access specific ep's...WTH...

Maka Laughingwolf Hansen

Pretty strange that the tech support person I spoke to today (just 5 days after that notice was posted) knew nothing about website access issues. I get a 102 error (connection refused by server) no matter what page on the Netflix site I try.

I've also been having Roku issues, and after the tech support agent removed Top Gear from my queue the problems appear to have been solved.

Unfortunately, he could offer no assistance for the website issues because I use a Linux OS, which is unsupported by Netflix. :(

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