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I can access it (using my computer, Windows, Firefox browser) but when I click "see all" in a category, it goes to the new page.

Lahlia Teza

Hi, Mike!

Long-time reader, first-time poster. I found a workaround for the old sortable list from a nice poster on the official netflix blog.

Click on a genre and add &vt=tl

For example:

New (useless) anime genre:

Old (sortable & awesome) anime genre:

It works for me with all the genres, and I'm loving it. If it works for you, you can publicize it for your readers.

Thanks again for the excellent work! If I find any more gems among the customer feedback, I'll post it here for you.

Lahlia Teza

And just because I like to give credit where credit is due, the poster on the official Netflix Blog was using the moniker English_Wolf, and he signed his post "Jacques".

Jacky Jension

theres a chrome extension that loads the old site https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/ngacmlmclfopgbnmefcffgbcjiafbfpo?hl=en-US

Lahlia Teza

One more, Mike!

From the official netflix blog commenters (all anonymous):


If you change the ending to &vt=tg, this will take you back to the genre, without the "railroad car" scrolling.

In summary:

New (useless) anime genre overview:

Anime genre overview with next/previous arrows (no scrolling):

Anime genre with sortable list:


Does any of this stuff help with our Instant Watch Queues ordering? I'm really not interested in this "new interface", especially now it is so useless - I add titles to my Instant Watch queue from other sources.

My gripe is everytime I look at the 177 IW titles in my queue, they show up in some new random order, not the neat order I've fruitlessly attempted many times to implement.

How does Netflix expect us to be excited about Instant Watch when they make it so darn hard to use?

Allison Elzie

Before I saw this post I was on the phone to Netflix complaining about the new layout. The biggest complaint I have is they took away the ability to sort anything. I told the CSR that and he was really surprised and said he hadn't noticed it but that they were getting complaints.

I explained the different ways I use sort and hopefully the feedback will be taken into consideration.

I also complained that my Queue had never been put back to the proper order and so I deleted most of it and tried to re organize it. Only to hit on the fact I can't sort in Watch Instantly and had to go to all movies and sort that way.

He also mentioned that there's a new feature that might be in the works -- a sortable queue feature. Hopefully they'll fix the watch instantly problems and then implement that.


@Jacky Jension,
Thanks for the link, Chrome and the extension work great!

I don't need IE anymore.


One other benefit to using Chrome and the extension is when you add a movie to your queue from a third party website(eg Instantwatcher, FeedFlix, etc) it doesn't scramble your queue.


If this topic refers to the flash display of instant view items that slide from side without clicking? I hate it, it moves to fast makes me sick. And you cant click to read reviews or info it just plays.

And yes as op said : the instant que doesnt add movies to bottom it just drops them in middle of the list, miserable to find and use.


If any of you want to write directly to the CEO of Netflix (it will get to his office, but it's doubtful that he will actually read it, but someone on his immediate staff will), you can write to:

Reed Hastings, CEO
Netflix, Inc.
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, California 95032

I'm writing a letter to him tonight.

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